Quadra mod: New balance, new gameplay, new look, new game!

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Lord_Cylarne says

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This mod is somewhat entertaining at first as it introduces you to a new gameplay style. Is it fun? Well, that is indeed the question. Is this mod fun to play for the most part? Find out. Let me tell you the details.

Campaign/story: N/A
Aesthetics/graphics/art: 9/10
FX Introduction: 7/10
AI: 3/10
Gameplay/Fun Factor: 3/10
Performance: 8/10
Balance: 8/10
Mod Content: 5/10
Worth the download? 6/10

The gameplay has changed drastically. While it is new, it is not new and refreshing. It is rather new but boring.

While the mod offers interesting icons like Strategic icons ontop of critical locations, slag deposits, and provides new FX overhaul; everything is implemented poorly.

Unit squad sizes feel less of an army and feels smaller than DOW 2 armies at lots of points while your income is so low and confusing to get and obtain.

Unit costs are silly. Units also take weird damage even worse than my mod. Vehicle armor can't stand the fire power of commander bolt pistols for example and costs... tons of requisition? Generators blow up very easily in two seconds by a squad of basic infantry. I played 4 games so far testing out each faction and not one of them was entertaining. I gave the mod a chance but... the gameplay is just not good. I can go on and on and on.

So what about the content this mod offers? FX and skins, pretty much it. It's good to look at and is pretty, but again not designed well and the ideas implemented in the mod could have been far better handled.

I can't even figure out how slag deposits for example work in this mod.

One rule of thumb is, don't fix what isn't broke. I know other mods like ... blast I forgot the name. Something like "Age of Death" tried to revamp the entire gameplay making slag deposits do all the work with one resource. Which was a nice try, but it fails flat like this.

However, don't give up on it as this mod has much potential! This mod has ideas in it no other mod has. And I congratulate you for implementing SOME of it quite nicely. Is this mod fun to play for the most part? I think not, this mod makes me want to shoot myself.

So pros though? It is interesting and if you guys out there are looking into trying something new, then this is for you. ;)

Very cool idea, i like this alternative type of gameplat that the mod has to offer

- Отлично, гранд-мофф Таркин!

This is really cool. It has definitely been redesigned, but it works really well. I was able to just fall into the game, but noticed a lot of cool, and well thought out changes. Dawn of War has been a favourite of mine for quite a while now, but this has breathed new life into it. Really looking forward to further updates, if the developer can find the time. :-)


Офигенный мод. В наше время не так много модов начинаются со слова "баланс". Автору респект


warif says

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Good mod.


Kim_VA says

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