Official secondary release of Pwrguns v3. This MOD lead to the server side only Q3 MOD Powerweapons v4-v8, and currently Pro-Powerweapons v12. Credit to Firestarter for his teleportation code, to AdamW for the CVARS of Beryllium MOD, and many others already credited through Powerweapons. This MOD was client side, and required all players to download the game and have it in their Quake 3 directory. Honestly it's been so long since I took a look at this, I'm not even sure it will compile with the lcc free compiler I used to work on both these MOD's. I will not be releasing my own work on Pwrguns v4, but I invite anyone who may be interested to check it out. If I remember right, this had 30 alt weapon modes, and took Powerweapons Pro v12 to the level it's at now.

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The AI has been very difficult for me to grasp. Although the documenting in the Brainworks mod was very good, it was left to me to figure out what to add and where to make changes. Ted Vessenes was indispensable as his guidance in how to go about it, was absolutely, what led to me finishing this work.

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Powerweapons v12 Pro AI, is the preliminary mod, to achieving the ultimate goal. I'll now be turning my attention back to Pwrguns. v4 will have grappling bots, and this will bring the game around full circle. As Pwrguns v3 lead to Powerweapons v4, v7, v8, and finally v12. Now I'll take everything I have learned to bring Pwrguns v4 to it's climax. After that, a final revised v8, with grappling bots would be the ideal finale.

This version is experimental, mostly in the health. I broke the 999 limit, and there is supposed to be a cap between 1 to 2 million health. I've seen as high as well over 400 billion, and just characters, instead of numbers after death. It doesn't seem to affect the game though.

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