Welcome to PTCS, a very late short story addition to the PTSD series! This was originally meant to be uploaded on Christmas, then new years eve. Sadly it got pushed further and further. But I decided to release it now finally. Hope you enjoy this silly little mod.

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PTCS credits

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-Various inside jokes/memes - Source modding community on discord, Valve cut content and friends, Nonagon.

Music/soundtracks -
-Music credits can be found in the music folder

Voiceacting -
-Clockface as PTSD sidekick)

-Random Scientist screams - Half-life 1 (Valve)
-Random Ratchet and clank sounds - Insomniac
-Random Misc Battle for bikini bottom sounds - Heavy iron studios
-Random Misc Team fortress 2 sounds - Valve
-Random Jokes, remixed music and sounds - Source modding community/friends/Valve cut content
-Random memes/misc - Youtube/Random games
-Random misc Zelda wind waker sounds (Misc 1 and Misc 2) - Nintendo

-Patty wagon edited by Ethosaur (original model by Heavy iron studios)
-Clockface npc model -Clockface
-Fumpstatue/gordon statue - Source modding community
-Punt content- Reepblue and Colossal
-Puntgun edit by Ethosaur, original model by Rhetorical studios? Reepblue? I dont know.

All level design by Ethosaur

-Old punt textures + Model textures etc by Chris aka Colossal <3
-New punt textures + Model textures by BlueASIS/Stonie <3
-Memes textures edited/made by Ethosaur, members of source modding community, Valve Cut content, friends and members PTSD 2 discord channel.
Thank you for your contribution!
-Weapon textured edited by Ethosaur, origina textures from Ratchet and clank (Original textures by Insomniac)
-Ripped and edited textures by Ethosaur from Ratchet and clank series (Original textures by Insomniac)
-Ripped and edited textures by Ethosaur from Spongebob movie game (Original textures by Heavy iron studios)
-Screaming scientist painting by Chris Dando

All other maps, models, textures, sounds and memes made by Ethosaur (Edos models)

Again, Big thanks to: Reepblue/everyone who worked on punt for letting me use both old and new punt content in this mod, Also thanks to everyone for waiting patiently for PTSD 2, I am working on it still!
Also thanks to all my friends at Nonagon discord for various memes, sounds, models and textures. And finally, thank you for playing this mod!

If I have missed any other credit and you see/know some missing, please feel free to tell me and I will add it to the list.

Follow development of any future stuff im making, on my discord: Discord.gg

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PTSC VMF map files

PTSC VMF map files

Source Code

Raw VMF source files from PTCS, feel free to edit, have a look at or even use content in your own mod (Just please remember to credit me if you do!)

PTSC: A Post Traumatic Christmas Special

PTSC: A Post Traumatic Christmas Special

Full Version 8 comments

Welcome to PTCS, a very late short story addition to the PTSD series! This was originally meant to be uploaded on Christmas, then new years eve. Sadly...


Streamed this with a few other Christmas mods. Feel free to use the footage for whatever

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Full gameplay

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Wait a minute..... You're the PTSD mod dude....

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Ethosaur Creator


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Here is a complete play through of this mod, feel free to use the footage for whatever!

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Full Walkthrough:

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Ethosaur Creator


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So, it's supposed to destroy itself in the end ? Thank punt, i was thinking my own PTSD was affecting the reality around me and crashing my hardware.

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I have peered into Old Punt's face and I understand our overlord's troubles. I wish there was a spoiler tag or something, if there is, I'm too PTSD induced to use it at this point, so I'll leave a space and hopefully the space isn't removed.

We fight our way through a familiar setting for those who are aware of his past, a nice little call back to when it was just single map projects to a new setting, we finally see our precious car after some time, and we use it to make our way to where Box&Rocks; is scheming to do now. After braving a treacherous mountain, we are given subtle warning is what is to come, the music gets darker and we are made aware that something is wrong. But we carry on forward, as we are determined to stop Box&Rocks;. We get to the top to see him with all the presents, and it appears he tries to stop us, until we see a familiar face take him down instead. He monologues us, telling us he's tired and we should stop torturing ourselves. We ultimately do not know the fates of the presents or even Box&Rocks; before we are brought back to the beginning, except nothing seems right, and the world is being torn apart by the seems. We were given subtle indications that something was off, but we dismiss it as the mod being clever, but the reality of it was, the mod was warning us of what was to come in that bathroom on the way to the castle.

As we explored a familiar setting, static is seen along the walls and we only hear the voices of the NPCs in the area, even our familiar friend is glitched and sinking into the ground. Eventually after progress further into this nightmare. We finally see it, a poster. It states PTSD Part 2: Old Punt, before the game unravels and destroys itself.

Something I could only gather from my observations, it shows us the signs of our Lombax overlord PTSD levels, and we should wait patiently for our title. If it ever comes to conception. Appreciate the gifts we are given and not to vilify Box&Rocks; for everything he has done, as he is human. There is only one thing true in life, and that is Old Punt. The nightmarish landscape is a view into the bastardized and devastated mind of our overlord; as the world burns, so does his. In short, if our Overlord is telling us to chill, you should respect the wish. We will soon see the presents on the top of that mountain, but until then, enjoy the small things in life.

If the following was wrong, well, ****, I tried.

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Ethosaur Creator

Wisely done mr.freeman... I will see you up ahead..

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