Psysonic Omega is based on a fictional background and story after RA3: Uprising. We will present three new factions that are developed from original factions in RA3. They are la Commune, Commonwealth Of Sovereignty and a nameless faction using advanced Imperial Arsenal from Shiro Sanitarium. This mod is not just for better graphics performance or more enjoyable gameplay experience, but for a further story after RA3's present plot. In this mod, plenty of new units and structures that basically expand the Style of original RA3 are added. New story and interersing ideas will be implemented.

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1.003 is a tiny new version that fixed some potential bugs.

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1.003 is a tiny new version that fixed some potential bugs. Here is the modification:

1. Commando will not be instantly killed by Tesla Weapon. And they will take less damage from weapons with damage type of AUTO_CANNON.
2. Siege Weapon(Athena, Waveforce Tank, MLRS, etc) will cause 250% damage to heavy armour vehicles.
La Commune:
1. Speed of Kodiak is raised from 30 to 45.
2. Max Health of Kodiak is decreased from 3250 to 3000.
3. Main Weapon of Kodiak is changed to a Catalyst Cannon which is less effective against movin target but it is more deadly against immobile target.
4. Cash Bounty Effect of Commando is increased from 5% to 7.5%.
5. Building Cost of Kodiak is reduced to 4000.
6. Turn Time of Kodiak, Arch Angel is reduced from 8s to 7s.
7. Max Health of IFV is raised from 600 to 650.
8. Sniper can no longer instantly kill Heroes.
9. Building Cost of Arch Angel is increased from 1400 to 1500. Build Time is also increased from 14s to 15s.
10. Chronos is available after building Chronosphere and upgrading Max Clearance.
11. Attack Range of Arch Angel is reduced from 1100 to 700.
12. Kodiak's proton beam will cause 50% less damage to Sea Wing, Striker VX, Bullforg and Hydra.
13. Attack Range and Vision of Kodiak is reduced from 700 to 600.
15. Attack Range of Orca is reduced from 375 to 340 such that Anti-air base defense can attack it.
16. Athena Cannon can fire while moving.
17. Athena Cannon's pre-attack and reload time is reduced from 2s to 1s.
Imperial Forces:
1. Magnetron can fire while moving.
2. DPS of VX Striker Helicopter is increased by 50%, missile speed is also increased from 200 to 300.
3. Remade the Commando of Imperial Forces. She can now control Structures, ground unit and drag down light aircraft. Her special ability is to make allied forces invisible for a while.
4. Gatling Defender will replace VX Defender as the basic base defense facility.
6. Max Health of Beta Yuriko is reduced from 200 to 150.
7. Waveforce Tank can fire while moving.

Commonwealth Of Sovereignty:
1. Building Cost of Sentinel Gun is reduced from 20s to 8s.
2. Sentinel Gun and Flak Cannon can get experience and promote level.
3. Fix the Faction Decal Texture of COS infantry.
4. Natasha has stealth ability.
5. Max Health of Executer is increased from 200 to 250.
6. Executer's weapon will show tracer texture correctly.
7. Ultimate Weapon Mammoth Tank is available after building Battle Lab.

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