Psysonic Omega is based on a fictional background and story after RA3: Uprising. We will present three new factions that are developed from original factions in RA3. They are la Commune, Commonwealth Of Sovereignty and a nameless faction using advanced Imperial Arsenal from Shiro Sanitarium. This mod is not just for better graphics performance or more enjoyable gameplay experience, but for a further story after RA3's present plot. In this mod, plenty of new units and structures that basically expand the Style of original RA3 are added. New story and interersing ideas will be implemented.

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The latest version is released. Bugs are fixed and new units are available.

Psysonic Omega ver 1.005 Release


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Yay, hope it does not crash randomly anymore and the empire got buffed!
I will play a few rounds today and try to give feedback and see if I find
any bugs or left overs that you might missed and if you plan to make also
missions and story that be cool. Maybe what happend after yuriko left
and escaped the prison and what happend to yuri? It be extremly fun
if they both would meet each other in a funny bonus mission.

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Ok so played a couple of matches with each faction.
Sadly sometimes it still crashes so no big change there.
Taliwind or whatever the name of the huge rocket launcher unit of the soviets.
Is insane and broken... you can build a huge army of them and fire all over the
Map and destroy the enemies whole base without even having to move anywhere.
They even destroy things in the air... broken much? x,D
Allies are broken like always not much to say there.
Aside from that you can just build chronos and basiclly instant win.
Or kodiak and other broken nonsense.
Empire not changed that much aside from the fact that now there shinobi are broken.
They can stealth and be untargtable not even recon units can detect them ...
thats kind of broken... and to top it of they have tanjy c4 now? x,D
You can just run into the enemy base without them can counter you and c4 the whole base. Or send yuriko in a stealth car, go near there construction yard and warfactory and just take it over. Some units really need some balance and changes.
Else you just have to build that one unit and instant win the game without big tactic. Since you not need to mix and match units to compensate for weakness of the other which is normally the case.
Aside from the crashes and balance issues the mod has potential and I like it.

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AlienVoid Author

I still don't know somehow the crash happens...
I have tested online with my friends for several times, but sadly it seems that crash is inevitable.
Tailwind is actually not that powerful for the allies or soviet, because you can use powerful anti-air firepower to intercept the missile. For the allies, even a fighter can intercept the missile by point defence laser.
Shinobi is a good problem because AI does not want to build stealth detector...... Perhaps in the next version C4 for building will be cancelled.

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I think the bombs from before of the shinobi where op enough and still somewhat balanced. The stealth is op since it ignores recon units abilities... stealth is cool if balanced tho.
Aw I did fight the empire with the soviets tho.
Can the empire not stop the missles yet? They where 100% defenseless vs them and I did just spam them on there base and instant won.
Kinda broken haha, I like some new buildings and units tho.
Just some fine tuning is needed but since it is a mod in progress it is fine. You probably will get to that once all units and building are finished. Yeah I really wonder what you did in the mod that causes those random crashes... hope you figure it out somehow. Else it ruins your work and peoples enjoyment and also your own... sadly those bugs are a bummer.
Thanks for your hard work. (=

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Grievances and ideas

1. The update still did nothing to rectify La Commune's sniper's inability to attack or let alone think for themselves sans manual target designation.

2. All anti-infantry infantry personnel still have abysmal ranges to their weapon systems. please try to make it on par with anti-armour infantry ranges - less the needless loss of life is your goal for infantry units that is.

3. change the portray of the commune "rifle-man", we all know that what he's wielding is sure as hell not a rifle or let alone a marksman weapon

4. Boost the firepower and hp of the imperial warrior

5. change the weapon of the allies assault destroyer, or just change everything about it - it's a destroyer of a futuristic, technologically advanced, faction. Maybe Drones, rail gun system, and an AA platform of sorts (something similar to the hydra).

6. increase range of all tanks regard less of faction, and an anti-infantry weapon to all MBTs PLEASE!! NO OTHER MOD HAS DONE THIS; PLEASE BE THE FIRST TO DO SO ( I WOULD AID IN THIS ENDEAVOR IF I HAD THE KNOWLEDGE, TRUST ME)

7. Flares for all aircraft or some sort of jammer

8. an aerial transport for La Commune and Japanese. Probably a heavily armoured and armed dropship esque transport for La Commune, and a aerial and armed version of the sudden transport.

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Seems like the issue regarding infantry ranges was resolved during the first release of this mod - however even up to now it is still extremely buggy or at best non-user friendly; especially with La Commune unit path finding.

Also another thing to note your new engineer won't auto repair units unless manually designated like the sniper.

another thing La Commune infantry doesn't need the nerf, rather a boost - such as a increase efficiency in their auto-repair system, and more health. just increase the build time and cost if you want balance them out

just remove the guardian tank, it's useless for La Commune

Maybe a different weapon for the riptide ACV, maybe an anti-surface weapon?

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AlienVoid Author

engineer is A problem that is to be solved. Actually there maybe some technical thing and I am seeking the solution to let it automatically repair allies unit.

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AlienVoid Author

Well, sry 4 my delay because of my busy stuff. I just have seen your feedback. Let me pick some points from top to down.
1. Do you mean that Sniper will not automatically acquire and attack enemy infantries? It might be due to its too short vision range. I tried to fix it.
3. That might be a description error. Fixed it.
4. Yes, that is true. And I am doing so.
7. Actually I want to let different factions aircraft have different ways to evade missiles. Countermeasures for the Commonwealth; Point Defence Laser for Commune; and maybe some tricky psychic/nano technic for the Empire.
8. It might be embarrassed to give aerial transport for Commune, because after upgrading T3 you have powerful chromosphere and wormhole to do the same mission. On the other hand, I agree that the Empire needs such thing. And the Empire Airforce will be updated in the next version.

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Hi and thanks for the response, and again your work is extremely wonderful. Pretty much in agreement with everything that was pointed out by you.

So as for anti-infantry infantry weapon and vision range - will it be on par with the anti-vehicle infantry?

And the allies new engineer auto targetting for healing sans setup will it be implemented?

Yeah no aerial transport for the La commune - their worm hole and chronosphere tech are extreme powerful maybe just reduce cool downs for them to be widely and frequent used?

As for missile defense counter measures for the empire's aircraft - maybe nano chaff that disables both missiles and nearby hostile ground vehicles?

And since there's been the addition of the soviet topol icbm missile platform. Some sort of SDI or shield is needed for all factions.

The assault destroyer's retrofit can be disucssed a little later

This is starting to sound like supreme commander but with infantry

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I crash when I start all my skirmish in this version:(

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AlienVoid Author

that is abysmal situation...

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