Proving Grounds is a TDM modification for Natural Selection 2. It focuses on First Person combat, without the RTS elements of the full game. Currently in alpha development, the mod will eventually feature multiple modes and full customisation of characters and models. This will be updated as more media becomes available.

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Marines press 'e' to resupply. It cost 1 res per 'wave' of resupply. 1 wave of resupply will earn you 1 clip of ammo and 1 health increase at the same amount as a single armory heal in NS2. If you have a GL, you will get 3 grenades per wave. Over stock of grenades gets added to rifle clip as default NS2. If you only need health or ammo, you will still be charged 1 res per wave.

The important thing to note is that the code will give you as many waves as you need to 'fill up' with a single press of 'e', and it will deduct the res accordingly. If you need 4 clips of ammo and 2 health waves, it will cost you 4 res when you press 'e'. If you only have 3 res, you will get 3 clips of ammo and 2 health waves. Armor is not healed by resupply except for any 'overflow' from max health. ie. if heal wave causes you to have 100 health, and still has 5 health points left to add, it will overflow 5 points to your armor. Repairing armor requires welder.

I have not removed gun pickup, but I added this resupply to 'e' to eliminate an annoying problem, picking up an empty gun. Now if you pick up a gun, pressing 'e', it will resupply the gun, costing you the relevant res automatically. It will not reload the gun however, so if the chamber is empty, you will have to reload as normal, but it does give you the added benefit of restoring health too as you pick the gun, which buying a new one wouldn't do.

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