Black Mesa Alpha recovery to present how games might look if it came out in 2006
im using a leaked alpha 6 and screenshots what i found in net, im like the atmosphere of old black mesa levels. With much rooms than original black mesa source.
This mod is free and no commercial.

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The project to restore BMS what could it be if it came out in 2006

I would like to tell you why I decided to made this mod.
So, as a child, I really loved the Half Life series of games I also founds that a certain “update” of my favorite game should be released soon. Its be "Black Mesa".
I was waiting to the coveted release of this game, but unfortunately all I could see was just screenshots and other media release stuffs.
Yes, it was then that I found out about alpha 6 leak. Š’espite all the glitches bugs and other stuff like emo textures and errors I was struck by what I saw.

Even after I was able to enjoy the real Black Mesa Source in 2012, I was still returning to alpha6.
I liked the unusual atmosphere of this unfinished mod, I was struck by the author idea and I imagined that if the game came out the way it was originally conceived.
Well, now I’ve already grown up and want to restore that very alpha, with objects from hl2, with a bunch of rooms in addition to storyline corridors, with a mysterious atmosphere of a Black Mesa...

Hope you like my mod!

novorussia1996 - - 5 comments

please use the version of black mesa 2012 for free, so that we can all play it, tired of there being no mods for the poor version

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NMPerdue - - 19 comments

Cool mod, I hope it doesn't die.

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GLaDOS2020 - - 180 comments

When does this mod comes? It looks cool!

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