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Further Data is a brand new take on Half-Life: Uplink - Valve's demo of Half-Life - as an add-on for Black Mesa. It's a personal project of mine featuring new maps, new voice lines, and miscellaneous assets.

All maps, assets, and marine voices were created by myself. I did have other assorted help as well:

Voice Cast: Nick Gikas (Security Guards) | Michael Hillard (Scientists)

Playtesting: Ryan "dky.tehkingd.u" Lam | Notewell Lyons | SprocketRocket | Dannielle White | Stephen Wimmer

Closed Captions: Mr. GameCrazy


  • This is unrelated to Black Mesa: Uplink, and is a very different take.
  • It is officially available via Black Mesa's Steam Workshop.
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Heya, dudes, dudettes, and everyone between or outside! Without upfront fanfare, just popping in to let you know that Further Data is now out, and available on the Steam Workshop!

It's exciting and nerve-racking to push out my first solo project, but I look forward to hearing everyone's feedback, whether you love it, hate it or break it. Feel free to leave a comment either here or on the Workshop page. I'm also on Twitter, and active in the Peer Review Community Discord server, as well as Crowbar Collective's own server. Feel free to ping me in either if you wanna scream at me about something!

Slime Lobby

That about wraps up the important stuff. I hope you guys enjoy, and for those of you who knew about this project and were waiting a long time, I hope it lives up to expectations!

Lastly, maybe after you’ve finished Further Data you’ve still got a hankering for more BM content. Well never fear, for my good buddy from PSR Digital, Notewell, has also just released their own BM mappack! Check out Stojkeholm, an extra half-hour of good ol’ Black Mesa fun!

Thankies for playing, yo!

Black Mesa Celebrates 10th Release Anniversary; 5 More Resonant Black Mesa Mods

Black Mesa Celebrates 10th Release Anniversary; 5 More Resonant Black Mesa Mods

Feature 4 comments

Black Mesa celebrates ten years since its first release, so here's five more mods made for the game by the community!

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BionicCoyote - - 1,248 comments


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BlackPriest_HECU - - 272 comments

This mod is very good and was a pleasure to play from start to finish.

This mapping is an example of how locations created in 2021 on a source should look like.

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F_orce - - 14 comments

nice mod

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Sting0237 - - 1 comments

Don't know if it's just me but i encountered a problem in loading the next map. There seems to be an invisible wall on my way and i can't proceed. This happens at the end of fd02 when i walk to the stairs and fd03 when i climb on the ladder.Any solution for this? Thanks

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ChrisBryant Creator
ChrisBryant - - 1,087 comments

This seems to happen if you load fd02/03 from the console, but not if you play through the beginning. I'm honestly not sure what causes it, I'm pretty bad with entities

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Guest - - 689,102 comments

Only on steamworkshop?

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ChrisBryant Creator
ChrisBryant - - 1,087 comments

Yes, makes everyone's lives easier, including my own!

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andrewГО - - 781 comments

nice mod

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foo_jam2002 - - 856 comments

Nick Gikas is Greek, just some info.

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Greekas - - 3 comments


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