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This project unlock all weapons in Battlefield 2142! You are able to customize your soldier ingame. The squad drones are on default deactivated (you can enable them in "Unlocks" tab). But be warned, bots in vanilla game cannot handle them. This got fixed in Project Remaster mod.
BF2142Unlocker emulates the necessary login and unlock server to be able to play Battlefield 2142 in singleplayer and multiplayer (also through vpn) with all features. Also you could host a dedicated server with (currently restricted/not all settings are available) gui interface.
Also the BF2142Unlocker has a multiplayer feature withit you can create accounts, add soldiers and join any server listed in the multiplayer list.


  • Battlefield 2142 updated to version 1.51.

Instructions / How to play:

  • Start the BF2142Unlocker:
    • Windows: BF2142Unlocker.exe
    • Linux: BF2142Unlocker
  • Set your Battlefield 2142 path in "Settings" tab (if BF2142Unlocker couldn't find the installation path).
  • Goto "Play" tab and click on "Singleplayer". You'll get logged in and can start playing games against bots in singleplayer.
  • Or host your LAN server by clicking on "Host". Tell your friends your ip address they need to connect to.
  • If you want to play on multiplayer servers you maybe need to install custom maps (see bellow "Mappack for vanilla game").
    Goto "Multiplayer" tab, double click on any server (or click the play button) and a login window will show up. Enter your login data (or create an account), select or create your soldier and click on "Play". This will start the game, login into your account, select your soldier and connect directly to the game server.
    If this feature is broken due login server changes, you can also click on the "Quickstart" button as fallback (this will just patch the BF2142.exe and start the game).

Host dedicated server:

  • Set your Battlefield 2142 game serer path in "Settings" tab.
  • Goto "Host" tab, select your mod, create your map list and click on "Host".
  • Goto "Play" tab and click on connect (the ip address is set after you launched the server). Tell your friends the ip address to connect to.

Optional requirements

Battlefield 2142 Dedicated Server

Mappack for vanilla game

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BF2142Unlocker v0.9.6 linux

BF2142Unlocker v0.9.6 linux

Full Version

Battlefield 2142 unlocker version 0.9.6 linux client.

BF2142Unlocker v0.9.6 windows

BF2142Unlocker v0.9.6 windows

Full Version 37 comments

Battlefield 2142 unlocker version 0.9.6 windows client.

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Just wondering, how were you able to stop bots from spamming squad drones? Is there a specific config file which can be edited?

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Dankrad Creator

Well, I fixed this for the next release. With the current version (0.9.6) it's not fixed.
But you can edit the (location: mods\bf2142\python\game\gamemodes\) script and add the following code to the function onGameStatusChanged:

if status == bf2.GameStatus.PreGame:
# Prevents bots from using sentry drone (detonator)
host.rcon_invoke("ObjectTemplate.activeSafe GenericFireArm Unl_Drone_Sentry_Detonator")
host.rcon_invoke("ObjectTemplate.aiTemplate \"\"")

This will modify all kit's for bots to not use the Detonator of sentry drones. You can edit this in the kits file itself too (remove the aiTemplate line), but then you'll maybe get modified content kicks when playing online.

Edit: Moddb is striping my whitespaces.. Here's my python file which I'm going to load in coop games:

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Thanks for this! What I noticed after adding the code is that the game doesn't appear to generate tickets for either team and I cannot spawn in. This is when trying to launch via singleplayer or lan coop (added to gpm_coop and gpm_sp). Does placement matter? I added after the else statement within the function and indented the host commands within the if statement.

This is on an otherwise vanilla install by the way; maybe I'm missing some other important parameter elsewhere?

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Dankrad Creator

When there are no tickets or some strange behavior in game then your python script isn't correct or you're getting runtime errors.
Add the code bellow the "onGameStatusChanged" function and tab the code bellow the if statement in that it fits (have a look at my link above, but don't add this function twice, just merge it). On moddb I cannot add leading whitespaces/tabs (it's removed automatically).

Let me know if it works.

I created a screenshot (of

Of course you can do this much more cleaner with an elif..

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This is EPIC! 0.9.6 Thanks Dankrad
I patched to 1.51 first
then copied in the big mappack into the mods folder

then ran unlocker and tried out the host and join on player tab - they work great.
then i saw the settings and the path to server
So I installed the official server and put path in and copied map pack to server mods folder also
It worked on win 10 hosting via the host tab too.

But i cant seem to host from unlockers host tab (on Win7 64)
when i press host it shows http line and crashes to desktop.
Log shows: parseGsDatastrutils.nim(1115) parseinterror:unhanded exception: invlaid integer:[ValueError]

But I can still host and join via the unlocker player tab so I'm still very happy for LAN purposes.

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Dankrad Creator

Thank you for your kind words.
Regarding to the crash on Windows 7, I never tested it on windows 7 for a long time and always only in a virutal machine.
I'll retest it for next release.
Maybe your crash was just this time. I implemented a parser that parses the server console output to show which map is running, but it's more an alpha parser (not that stable).
I recognized a crash too back the days, but I'm not sure on which version this happened.

Could you be so kind and create an issue on (or at least put the whole crashreport here as reply):

And put in the whole crashreport you can find in: BF2142Unlocker\bin\log\

There is an error.log for handled errors and if it's an unhandled exception/crash, there will be for each crash a separate file with a date suffix.

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Ok have done so.
Since I want the 64 player maps and bots on the Lan server I cant use the in game gui and the official server launcher As they dont allow more than 16 players. Instead I can use the dedicated server via config files. I am able to start a dedicated server via the exe and then open up unlocker press host and then close the bf2142patched.exe and on other machines use unlocked connect to the stand alone dedicated server so im in business yay. But your 'host' tab is pretty handy in that it allows sellecting the map size and has the cvar max players which will control number of bots well.

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Извините я просто русский.
Скажите а где находится папка Host?

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Dankrad Creator

which Host folder are you talking about? What do you want to do? I don't get it.

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Hello again. I wanted to get back in the game. I downloaded the game, mod and maps, but in co-op mode it only shows the base 5 cards for 16. How do I add cards for 32 and 64?
P.S.: In older versions, there was no such problem, since it was necessary to add the map pack through the mod Unlocker, and not through the installer format .exe

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