Project Remaster is BF2142 enhancement which aims to improve the game by adding new higher quality textures, animations and other visual tweaks along with new weapons. Join us on DISCORD.

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Update 1.3 with full Multiplayer support to be released on 12.12.2019 10:00pm CET! You will be able to play our Mod on the Reclamation online servers, but please read more below.

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Project Remaster Update 1.3 is realesed as a full installer, click here to download!
And it will ship with full Multiplayer support on Reclamation Servers at the same time!

Join us on Discord!


A full changelog will be released with the new Update, but i can spoil some things:

  • All gamecrashes with vehicles, bots, goliath etc. (the ones everyone experienced randomly) are fixed
  • New weapons are fully integrated into the game
  • HD texturepack is integrated into the Mod now
  • Many new HD textures were added
  • An All-in-One installer was written to make the installation, patching for Reclamation and offline gaming as easy as it can get
  • A new Launcher-tool can start the game in Singleplayer offline mode or directly into Reclamations servers for Multiplayer

We will delete all older files from the ModDB Files-Page, so noone will be confused by
the amount of files we already have...
All future updates will be released as a full installer containing the base mod too.
The many updates for SP and MP were a bit much :S

Our own MP-Server is not supported anymore and will stay on version 1.2 until we shut it down for good.
The Project Remaster Multiplayer (known as "Project Remaster MP" or "PRMP") is the Core-Mod now, so all future developement goes into creating a balanced Multiplayer environment.

We will have a gameservers hosted on Reclamation's EU and US servers. You can create an account from inside the game, create a soldier and start playing vanilla BF2142 or our Mod while having all unlocks to your disposal. We prefer having Multiplayer Servers only at Reclamation and nowhere else, because every new gameserver will splitt the already small community for this game even more. Please respect that wish.


As always the Singleplayer will profit from the changes too. We integrated the offline Profile that you need to "Login" to the game, included the "Offline.exe" (without Virus warnings this time!) that skips the "Waiting for EA Masterserver" box and lets you play Singleplayer right away. Be aware that the game might crash after a finished round if no other maps got loaded into the map rotation!

PS: As i still read this grafic glitch in the comments:

If you are getting a "frozen image" or steady image sometimes when looking at things or in a particular direction, then please disable Anti Aliasing in the games graphicsettings.
The game uses an old Microsoft method of generating a "blurr-effect" that had a security issue. This issue got fixed 2014 by removing the "blurr-effect" method from Windows entirely, rendering (no pun intendet) the game with this glitch. You can use reshades MSAA to get the game smooth again!
BTW: The glitch gets triggered by Bots using the Recon's ActiveCamo unlock and you looking in his direction. The image you see will always be the one you saw last when you died by explosion or got the tinitus (piiiieeeeeep) by getting an explosion near you, or everytime your screen got a little out of focus.

See you on the battlefield!


Can we still host our own "ranked" LAN server?

I get that you want to keep the online community together but playing with friends offline is a different thing. There's also the chance that Reclamation will shut down like Revive did.

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Phantomeis Author

I cant forbid you anything, so if you want to host a Remaster server you can go for it.
Also LAN is a completly different thing in general, by all means,
host your LAN things as much as you want!
I just want "the official Remaster Server" to be the Reclamation ones :)

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Can't wait for the epic MP experience!! :3

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How to use drone? (number8 weapon) It is not working...

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