What's Happening?! Welcome to Project: Quantum Leap, you keep switching bodies... 20 maps, 15 authors, one hell of an incoherent map pack!

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It´s an amazing community project with sick maps and sick gameplay, in short, you won´t regret playing this

I first played Project Quantum Leap ages ago. Coming back to it now, a lot holds up well and a lot fails to do so. A good portion of the maps included in the pack I have played separately before. (No spoilers) Many though do lack fairness, clarity, and consistency along the way. You'll find yourself either backtracking or aimlessly wondering around the map. Regardless, it's a fun and nostalgic map pack, most definitely hearkening back to the ancient days of HL1 mapping.

Nice mappack, some maps are bad but the decent and excellent ones are worth it.


One of the weirdest mods I have ever played. No story whatsoever and really ugly mapped areas. No from me.


Its just perfect! I want more mods like that! 10/10 My favorite mod!

8/10 very interesting mod, some maps just ingenious, like that which reqired equipment & forcefields destroy...

Good mappack, but not the best.

Many of the levels have differing levels of gameplay and attention to detail. All in all, not a bad community project. Many of the maps were quite fun :)


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