Carnage Project - My First Doom Mod!
In The Time Period of Doing This Mod I Learned Doom Modding And Coding
Basics, And i hope The Effort Ive Put Into This Mod Was Worth It,
You May See That In This Mod Fingers Are Shaded Really Unrealistic,
Its Because Its My Kind Of Artstyle, Ill Try To Improve At Doing
Shadings Properly On The other Hand. In This Mod Every Weapon Has Recoil, Without
Recoil Guns Would Be Really OP, Ill Consider Making "NoRecoil" Version
But Downgrading Damage Of Certain Weapons, But In This Meantime
You Can Disable Mouselook To Play It Without A Recoil.

It Replaces Every Weapon Except Chaingun(Sprites Are Just Recolored), Rocket
Launcher And Good Old BFG, Sprites Are All Done By Me, Except Remington Is
Based On Doom Shotgun And Hand Sprite For Super Auto And AK Is From Brutal Doom
Rifle by Mike12, It Was Recolored In Order To Match The Style Of The Mod.


This Mod Replaces Old Weapons With
Way Powerful And Deadly CounterParts, Your Start Weapons:

Machine Pistol MK5:
Pistol Was Replaces With Machine Pistol!
It Shoots Fast But Drains Ammo Quickly.

Magnum Pistol:
Small For Its Cartridge Size, Bud Deadly,
It Takes Out ZombieMan in 1,2 Hits
For Balance Reasons It Shoots 2 "Clip"
Bullets. Its Infuriating To
Control With LMB Pushed Down

Way Better At Killing Than Its Original, "Fist",
Deals More Damage AND Kills Faster.
In Berserk It Can Take Out Most Of
The Enemies In 1 or 2 Hits.

And Now All Other Weapons:

Remington 1000 (1K):
Remington 1K, More Powerful Replacement For a Stock
Shotgun, But It Needs To Be Reloaded And Shoots
1,5 Times Slower.

SuperAuto ("DM-45" - Demolition Machinery - 45(2045)):
SuperAuto Is Really Powerful And Rewarding When Used
Properly, It Drains Ammo Really Quickly So I Recommend
Using It Without Spraying And Praying

Good Ol Reliable AK-47! It Deals Big Amount Of
Damage And Uses 2 Bullets As 1 .308 Bullet For
Balance Reasons. It Does Insane Recoil And
CS Players Can easily Deal With That
HVG-Antitank Sniper Rifle:
This Gun Uses Our All Time Favorite 50 Browning
Bullet! It Has RAILGUN Function so it easily disintegrtates Group Of
ZombieMan, Sargaent And Imps. It Takes Whole 15 BULLETS As 1 BMG

Gun Info:

Every Weapon Info:
Knife replaces Fist
Damage - 7
In Berserk - 130,

Machine Pistol replaces Pistol
Damage - 6
Uses - 1 "Clip" Bullet,

Damage - 15
Uses - 2 "Clip" Bullets,

Remington 1000 replaces Shotgun
Damage - 13 per Pellet, 6 pellets
Uses - 1 "Shell",

SuperAuto ("DM-45" - Demolition Machinery - 45(2045)) replaces Super Shotgun
Damage - 6 per pellet, 6 pellets
Uses - 1 "Shell",

AK-47 replaces Chaingun
Damage - 15
Uses - 2 "Clip" Bullets,

HVG-Antitank replaces PlasmaRifle
Damage - 80, A_RailAttack - 70
Uses - 15 "Clip" Bullets.


Carnage Project
by d3lev
version 0.5
Mod Version - With Recoil
date: may 18th 2020

Sprites by d3lev
Hand Sprite for SuperAuto and AK47 - from Brutal Doom Rifle by Mike12, Recolored by d3lev
Sounds -
Magnum - CSGO Old Deagle
HVG Sniper Rifle - COD : MW Barrett M82
Super Auto - CS 1.6 XM Shotgun
Remington 1K - Quake 2 SuperShotgun
Glock - Payday 2 P90
AK47 - CSGO Old AK47

Which Gun Replaces Original Doom Guns :
Ballistic Knife > Fist
(ChainSaw Is Recolored To Fit the Style Of Lazy Hand Sprites)
Magnum > None
Glock > Pistol
R1K > Shotgun
SuperAuto > SuperShotgun
AK47 > ChainGun
HVG > PlasmaRifle

Time Making This Mod - 18 Days

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This Mods Current State


This mod was fun to make but was raw and unfinished (0.5 build). month ago i made m1911 sprite and got it into Project Carnage And called it 0.6 ver (tweaked and cahnged some other stuff too). I Just got bored and if you want that version that was shown in the thumbnails and images tell me and ill upload the file, about that 0.6 Version tho.. Maybe ill abandon it or come back and finish it! :), but im not motivated, if you are actually intrested for a mod tell me down below. the time will tell, and heres m1911 i was talking about:

pixil frame 0 3pixil frame 0 17

Doomjosh¬Guy - - 32 comments

Cool cant wait

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