"I heard rumors about a castle where dreadful things had been going on, whether or not if it were true I had to find out. Not until I stood before this old decayed castle where once a crazed professor once lived would I start to doubt that I really wanted to find out. I gathered courage and went inside. Inside, the floor collapsed under my feet, and I fell down into the darkness."

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Progress on my customstory


So I have been working on this customstory for quite a long time, a bit over a year, and it's the first map I started on. As I learned more on scripting and becoming a better mapper I constantly went back to the older maps and gave them a makeover. Not that it's a bad thing but as this story was meant to be only 5-6 maps, I have been rethinking the story aswell. And the amount of maps I need to make is around 14-15 now. I intend to keep it that way and not to expand the story anymore. Now it's just the hard part left, the scares, making a good atmosphere, final maps and bugfree, I hope the customstory won't be delayed for too long as I really would like it to be finished so I can finally be at rest (and start a new CS).

I have been making an outdoor starting area, it's very undone atm but that's also a consequence of rethinking the story to give it more sense and realism, instead of the game starting with falling through the floor, which it did in the early demo. I also didn't have any outdoor areas which is always nice to have in the customstories. Anyways I hope the story will be good and enjoyable, it should be when you spend over a year to release but I've been busy with work/school and been taking breaks from creating. It's true what they say about releasing demos, it will take away some of your eagerness to get it done quickly.

hinapulkka - - 32 comments

will this ever be released? did you stop making it? 5 years since last update :/

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Rownbear Creator
Rownbear - - 1 comments

@JMFStorm I sure hope so, the beta you tested for the first half of the game is near completion now, alittle tweaking but the other half is still very undone :-\ I just need to get my lazy bum to start makng those maps! I even made the blueprints for them :) (Which is a good tip btw, draw the maps and plan them out before starting, that way you tend to not get stuck with creating and the levels end up with a better flow and gameplay, in my opinion :D )

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JMFStorm - - 69 comments

Had a chance to beta test. It's going to be good when full released.

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Scavengerwolf - - 5 comments

i looks great, i don't have very many good custom stories, so i'm racking up, and this one looks great! I love to get scared, can't wait :3 *watch this mod*

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doom2299 - - 127 comments

Im going to track this looks good.

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