1648 - Europe after the Peace of Westphalia. WIP

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Excellent idea, but still to beta to give a proper rating. That plus the confunsing installation.

Looking foward to the next releases.

Edit after 4 years: The mod is really good atm. Had a blast winning the Englih civil war as Cromwel. Probrably the best 17th focused mod out there. The new istallation is also very simple. Very few ctd. Looking foward for the English translation and other updates. Thanks!


The mod is really good, however I have to criticie it for its flaws of which it has at least a few.
Basically, there is A LOT of rebalancing and bug-fixing to do. The mod has plenty of CTDs and they can really mess up the fun. Some units are still untextured and really expensive, someimes to the point of ridiculousness.
Other than that, it's a really good mod. The concept is awesome and I will keep track of its developement.


not enough kebab removing


Artur3377 says

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Super mod

I am grateful for this mod

very good,looking forward to future updates,also too many rebel stacks man:)))

one of the better mods for med 2, and probably the best about this time period, just too bad it doesn t have a good english translation


Confusing Install metod, lots of stuff that still needs to fix, but overall pretty good mod.

Most stable XVII century mod for Medieval II, atm... Need more work on units & buildings stats and values... but its really nice for now

It is a very nice mod, The idea is excellent and you can see the team is putting a lot of effort on that.
One bad thing is that it is not 100% in English so it makes hard to understand some details during the game.