Background: PDS is THE first and original wartime simulation mod that brings out the flavour of naval warfare in a real time 3D setting. Units, weapons, tactics all based on our present and future concepts of warfighting. If you like watching space operas and reading David Weber, this mod is for you! We might be restarting development (PDS V13) for an even more comprehensive tactical combat experience. A lot of mods out there borrow from us - we don't have a credits list but just ask around.

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I-4 "Double Dragon" Tactical Fighter
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Arent those missile pods, if so why would missile pods need easier transmission of energy. Being the fact that all controlled path weapons are still fired by either fuse or in the case of space simple activation of the self contained propelling component.

Also if those aren't missile pods and are my best guess, directed energy barrels. Then ill have to ask again why would position matter considering a single service military vehicle should be completely devoted to its purpose, such as in the hiigaran ion cannon frigate.

shown here(you are probably already aware of but still used for reference purposes):

As you can see the majority of its body length is obviously devoted to the weapons function, creating directed ion discharges. With a simple opening port for the energy to escape.

So when designing a ship the majority of its body would almost always closely relate to its function and in the case of energy weapons well multiple barrels make the powerplant of the ship work harder and it would be much easier to simply combine the barrels into one for a more accurate and more powerful single shot

PS i love your work! the best mod ive seen so far! great game, homeworld 2 alot people tried to do good mods for it but this takes the cake by far!

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Llewelyn Author

Thanks for the very objective feedback!

This fighter design actually tries to concentrate the main bulk of its critical systems into as small a volume as possible. While causing a lot of problems with things like heat dissipation and vulnerability of key systems, this little monster has a very compact centre of mass and so maneuvers far better than any Vaygr strikecraft. Compare this to the standard Vaygr bomber or PDS's I-3/HAC II heavy interceptor and you will see that the original's weapon pods are mounted in a very structrually unsound manner to the chassis. The I-4 is much more robust example of indigenous Vaygr engineering. Indigenous as in I just got this awesome HW2 model tool mastered and I got a concept to prove!

Ship's main weapons are actually the pair of plasma cannons on the side, with the 10-round pods being its external stores of single-discharge ordnance for massive first strike salvo firepower. In the present V11 beta 8 configuration the Double Dragon's pods are a mix of 220mm "Metal Storm" assault cannon arrays (thank the Aussies for the idea) and nuclear-tipped rockets. Of course, in the real world, the close proximity of the internal plasma weapons to the expendable self-propelled ordnance will lead to catastropic cook-offs but here I'm relying on fictional ultra-efficient heat dissipation technology that allows the fitment of fusion engines to something as small as a tour bus today to prevent those thermal issues in the first place.

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dose the ship have rokets? or missles? or gunz or gunz missles or gunz and roketes?

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Indigenous Vaygr development of I-3 class standard
fighter chassis. Weapons placement concentrated
near rear section for easier power transmission
and more compact centre of gravity, leading to
firepower and maneuverability improvements at the
cost of reduced thermal efficiency. You can say
that the empty fore sections are meant as heat

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