Background: PDS is THE first and original wartime simulation mod that brings out the flavour of naval warfare in a real time 3D setting. Units, weapons, tactics all based on our present and future concepts of warfighting. If you like watching space operas and reading David Weber, this mod is for you! We might be restarting development (PDS V13) for an even more comprehensive tactical combat experience. A lot of mods out there borrow from us - we don't have a credits list but just ask around.

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Taiidani C-3M/2 Destroyer Carrier
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damn big high teck looken and look better with big gunz on it....

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Second Taiidani Empire Export Military Cruiser C3E

Variant 2 "Lone Ranger"

Designated C3M2, this offspring of the modern
Rogue Fencer class (C3M) fast attack cruiser was
born out of the Imperial Navy's difficulties
in supporting a regular interstellar military,
having to make do with a handful of ship types to
fulfill its many responsibilites. New ship designs
are many, but few make it past the drawing boards
for the Empire's economic difficulties, this
made no easier for the Hiigaran Corporations'
expansion into Independent Vaygr space thereby
depriving the Empire of its foreign trading

Lacking a suitable light carrier for deep space
operations, Imperial engineers converted a C3M
into one by adding two hangar bays to the standard
utility mission pod, each capable of supporting up
to eight light fighters internally or twice that
number on external berths for limited duration
deployments. The C3M2's hangars are not large
enough for NaVy corvettes but a single utility tug
may be fitted into each bay. These are used for
resource gathering operations, providing a Rogue
Fencer/Lone Ranger team complete freedom from
naval logistics trains thanks to the C3M2's
molecular manufacturing arrays aft of the fighter

Although the Lone Rangers do carry most of the
C3M's heavy missile and particle beam
weapons, their combat capability is regarded as an
emergency reserve; these ships are far too
valuable to commit into direct action, for good
reason - the M2's port mission pod is unarmed
thereby eliminating its entire left side point

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