Phrozo Particles 2 is a graphical enhancement mod/addon specifically made for Sikkmod 1.2 for Doom 3. It includes particles from Phrozo Mod 2.0, as well as new particles, textures, and materials unique to this mod. There are no game play changes or any other requirements, only new particle effects, such as: muzzle smokes, projectile trails and impacts, blood wound particles, monster particles, teleport particle effects, barrel explosions, and ambient fire particles. This mod was designed to work alongside Sikkmod 1.2 seamlessly. Simply install by placing this mod in the Sikkmod 1.2 folder to relive Doom 3 in higher definition with much more detailed and vibrant particle effects.

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Arl. says

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This mod really improves the shooting part of this game, I see now that particles are a very important visual part of how a shooter feels. Good that there is someone like Phrozo who took the interest of working in this often unattended (by modders) aspect of any game, and Doom 3 surely gets improved a lot by this.

Vanilla particles seem so boring and sad now, I guess this mod is a "must have" for me from now on, shooting stuff is much more satisfying with this, it's something one has to try to understand.


punk0x29a says

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Just confirming it works. Made a review on the particle pack itself a while ago, so I won't repeat myself here.
Compatibility issues kept me away from plugging this one into my mod for a long time. Now it's all solved by simple cp command.
Thanks for that! Great job.

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