Penumbra Europa takes place in the same universe as Penumbra Black Plague (inside of the shelter). You play as Eloff Carpentered a staff member you hear little of in Penuumbra Black Plague, except for in tapes. This mod/game of the Penumbra Series will explain the origin behind the tapes and how Eloff got himself in this situation.

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Really fun and challenging mod.
The Maps are a nice change from the standard Amnesia used in most mods.
The Game controls work better for me as well.
I rate it a 7.5



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beautifull mod.
Still not as good as the other mods from Penumbra, specially cause the length and less scares involved.
As well as the abrupt ending.. dont know why.. this could be a perfect mod, if a little longer and more scares and longer storyline.
Overall very well made!
7\10 from me.


Music 10/10
Sounds 8/10
Voice Actors/Acting 8/10
Athmopshere 10/10
Level Desing 8/10

nice attempt with custom assets, level design was okay, it had music, basic puzzles, some atmosphere and you re-used some stuff from necrologue pretty well. but i cannot deny how awfully simple everything was, the notes (bad english? typos? i couldn't tell), the backstory and especially the ending were kinda off, and it reminded me nothing of penumbra's complexity and well built events. i do feel like i could run into some bugs, but i was lucky enough none of them broke the game. if this would be a penumbra mod (if that would be possible) it would be far less refreshing or impressive. still, it was a decent attempt, i don't regret playing it :) with the assets though you could have just said necrologue was needed to play it since i don't think it contained anything else than penumbra assets, and the download itself was very big.


Cromeman123 says

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A lot of glitches here and there but overall it was a fun mod to play. I loved the penumbra atmosphere and the classic penumbra music. However another thing that brings the score down is the abrupt ending but still not bad



prenz says

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A large amount of glitches bro...
penumbra ambience is still fantastic, much better than Amnesia, but...
poor story, critical glitches (just one, for exaple: if you do not found the screwdriver and enter the corridor where there's the infected, you're stuck. But the're are many more...) The end is uncomprensible.
The enemies are so easy to beat.
wanted to rating 5, but +1 for the penumbra enviroinment.
You can do much better, of course!
Not bad.

not bad. Has some bugs and Ai glitches. But still not bad


- Classic Penumbra settings and music
- Puzzles were challenging but not too hard
- Good and easy to learn layouts


- AI is really bad
- Very abrupt ending
- Minimum character development
- Every map is so small
- Filled with glitches and bugs. It was almost unplayable at times
- A few texture glitches
- Light from infected's flashlight was still there even when I died and the infected was gone

This mod is very unpolished. I almost gave up on it to be honest.


Oh boy...

While in the vent, I was able to glitch out by clicking on the jump button.

Desks have no collision at the drawers so I can crawl right through them.

Throwing items at walls will often make them glitch like crazy. This is caused by planes being too close to one another. When adding planes, copying it and turning it around for another room, make sure there is some space between them, or anything thrown against the walls will make them glitch.

The first infected enemie had such terrible AI. Sometimes he would stand at the door and do nothing. He even said "Stay there!" and the chase music was playing, but he did nothing for 10-15 seconds, untill I throwed stuff at him.

Same infected also glitched through boxes a couple of times.

While talking about the boxes, I jumped onto a couple of boxes and accidently fell down between them. I was stuck there untill the infected killed me through a small crack between said boxes.

When the infected killed me, I spawned outside the closed area I was in, making it impossible for me to continue. I had to load a previous save. When you lock the player in a certain area, make sure to add a checkpoint.

Just like I could glitch through the vent earlier, I could glitch through the ceiling by jumping on certain other boxes later on while crouching mid-air.

Second enemie, the flying thingy, was easily blocked by boxes and got stuck. I later removed said boxes, ran out and blocked him with boxes again, trapping him inside. Enemies can easily break metal doors, but boxes, too difficult to pass through ^^.

Maps and puzzles:

Why is each map like, a minute long? Some puzzles were well made, I admit that, but there were also several maps I went into to, grabbed an item and left and never had to go back to that area ever again. 20-60 seconds in and out. This even included the gasmask area. Why would I even need a gasmask? I couldn't hold my breath to grab the saw? I mean, that map also took 20 seconds ^^.

It feels like such a shame to work on maps and give them almost no purpose at all is what I'm saying.

When the maps are so easily passed, guess what, a lot of loading screens. It would be so much better for you to make the maps bigger, or make certain items harder to reach to lower the amount of loading times we have to sit through.

Characters and story:

I know you said we should play black plague first to understand this mod, but despite playing it in the past, I didin't quite get the story that well. Like, minimum character development mixed with the very abrupt ending made me so confused, and my reaction when I saw the credits was like "...that's it?".

There are many penumbra mods out there already, and even more zombie outbreak mods. I like them a lot, but if doing something a lot of other people have done before, it needs to be a bit more unique than this. Perhaps if the mod was longer, and you added more notes, more development for the protaganist or something, maybe it would have made more sense.

Final verdict:

The layout for this mod is good and you captured the Penumbra feeling very well. Story wasn't bad, only underdeveloped. What drags the score down a lot, are all the bugs and the very abrupt ending, and ofcourse the AI. When enemies makes me laugh instead of being a threat, something isn't quite right.

If a huge bug fix was made for this mod, I would maybe say it's a 6/10, or 7/10. It seems like this is your first mod, and most of the bugs are mistakes I have made when I was new as well. It's one of the hardest things you need to learn in order to make a good mod. But as I said, you captured the Penumbra feel very well and if you practise, I'm sure you can make a great mod.

4/10 - Okay


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