Long ago, when the word 'Hiigara' rang only as a hollow dream, the kiith of Kharak never imagined they would walk the Path to Victory. But, when they reclaimed their Homeworld and proclaimed themselves 'Hiigaran', they believed they had reached their goal. How wrong they were. 150 years after Hiigaran landfall, conflict rages across the Galaxy... Path to Victory is a multiplayer and skirmish mod for Homeworld 2 that adds new units to both Vaygr and Hiigaran Races as well as enabling the Keepers, Raiders and Kadeshi as playable races.

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The General Discussion

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Apr 8 2011

The Screenshot Thread Pegman

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The 'What is Wrong' thread

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Feb 13 2011

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Nov 12 2010

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Nov 9 2010

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May 30 2010


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