On the outskirts of Manchester in 1875, you play as Otis McGuiganoo, a scientist who is trying to perfect a Revival Syrum, to rid the world of early death, and bring back his brother, Dean. But something goes terribly wrong and he has found himself responsible for the lives of himself and many others in the castle. This is my first decent-ish mod, and I am still fairly new to the script functions in amnesia, so gimme a break, and if you dont like it, then thats not my problem is it. To be honest, no, I didn't test it too much, no, I didn't plan too. If you were REALLY looking forward to this mod, then im sorry to say it might not be as good as you think it is...

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TroHea says

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Solid custom story, but nothing special overall and kinda short.

It was worth it to play it though. :D


Skelatilian04 says

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Outskirts? Why is it called this, I wonder.
It honestly wasn't that scary other than a suitor chase on the staircase and that was mainly due to me jumping off the balcony and coming back and I couldn't get past him. So I had to die.
I did somewhat like the plot, it was very interesting.
It was as long as it needed to be and I liked that it wasn't too short or long.
In the levels there wasn't a whole lot that made me think "monsters destroyed this place" it just looked like how my place would look-if I had lived there.
The notes were a little bland, I didn't want to read them-though I did.
It wasn't that difficult, in fact, I would say it is a bit on the easy side.

That's it for me.

Enjoyed a lot, because it has more original puzzles than the "basic" ones. And the storyline was interesting too.

Haha,I loved the story :P


Oh yeah, that was good. Thank you for this mod. It could have used a little more atmosphere but all in all I really enjoyed this one.

Okay story be light on the swearing because im not sure if they knew words like **** in the 1800s


I found it fairly decent, albeit a bit short, but the story was solid and sounded like a lot of work was put into it.


Really good CS,
Need some more input,
but ur next one will be super!
Lange, AkA- dnalange

Honestly I thought that this custom story was great. I enjoyed the scares and the story was pretty good as well. The only problem I had was the poorly made map design, at some areas of the map like edges of a room, I could see the outside wolrd (A.K.A a flat plane with a night sky filled with stars.) Besides that the custom story was perfectly fine.


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