I'm Stalyn on most online games. I got to here by discovering the wonderful Amnesia Mod area. My avatar is Hubert from Tales of Graces. He's a wonderful example of what I'd love to be but am too lazy to be, a man who attains his strength through pure training. I can at least be kind of like that when I'm determined of something. I'm here to help with what I can.

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I know of no other place where I can rant, so I'll rant here.

What the fuck.

When you're Level 60 (which I am), you get a buff called Nephalem Valor which increases magic find and gold find by 20% for each stack. It stacks up to 5 times, and upon having 5 stacks, any elite pack you finish off will drop a guaranteed rare item. It lasts 30 minutes and killing an elite pack with 5 stacks will reset the timer on it to another 30 minutes.

Today I found an elite pack I was incapable of killing with my current gear. So, no sweat, I have many other opportunities to kill other elite packs more in my region of difficulty.

Oh wait.

This elite pack's leader has the 'Fast', 'Illusionist' and 'Vortex' attributes, which makes them, naturally, faster, 'illusionist' gives him (AND his accompanying minions) the ability to make about 6 clones of himself that have low health and block the way, and 'vortex' allows him to pull me to them. AND - HERE'S THE KICKER - The mob is BLOCKING THE WAY TO AN AREA I NEED TO GO TO FINISH A QUEST.

So let's get this down.

1. Can't kill them.
2. Can't run past them because of Illusionist
3. Can't outrun them because of Fast
4. Can't get away from them because of Vortex

'Wait, the mobs will disappear if you just log off your character and back on!'
Here's why I'm ranting. The Nephalem Valor buff will disappear when I log off. All five stacks of it - five painful elite packs I've slaved to kill.


It pisses me off more than Dark Souls, because at least with Dark Souls you're more used to losing all your hard work, it's a core part of the game experience. With Diablo 3 there's not much more to improve on when you're level 60 besides items, and then you have to pass the wheel to luck and hope for some good items to either equip or put up on the Auction House. And you know how it loves to give you Wizard Orbs with +89 Strength and +2084 Health from Health Orbs.

TL;DR Fuck why can't I hold all these op elite pack magic combinations/placements.

Brb, gonna log off then log back on so I can repair my broken gear for ~15k gold.

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