Jailbreak is fought between two teams as are most First Person Shooters. But the real difference is what happens. Okay, take for instance you have Jim and Bob playing. Bob kills Jim, and Jim gets put in jail. That is simply the idea of Jailbreak. The object of the game is to have all the enemy team inside of jail at the same time. When that happens your team receives a point. Sounds good, right? Well, the enemy team is trying the exact same thing. If you get killed, you go into prison. How do you get out? Well, there is actually 4 ways. 1.) Teammate (who is not in jail) hits the prison release button. 2.) You wait the allotted time in jail and are freed. 3.) Your teamates who are also in jail work together to break out. 4.) Your executed, and a new round starts. Well, the fourth one does get you out, but its not exactly recommended that you go that path, because the other team wins the round. Now, how do you work with teammates to escape from jail? well, every jail has its flaw and it...

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