We are Open Perpetuum: a collective of diverse, altruistic players like you, organized around the central principle of reviving and making a better Perpetuum. The server, development, and volunteer work, everything you see here is a part of this big open source project. Together we will generate a better balance, content, and establish a persistent perpetuum-universe that we have always wanted and can all enjoy.

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avguste says

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This game is EVE ONLINE with robots. Similar to EVE, it has a high learning curve however it is fun and addictive game with lots of potentials. The game devs are actively updating the game and adding new things. Recommending the game!!! You will not regret it!!!


Hiashi says

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Perpetuum online is a sci-fi Mech/Robot based sandbox MMO similar to EVE Online.

Unlike EVE, the game has a more simple system for industry and resource gathering & has terrain based combat with unique mechs of different classes with playstyles and the ability to be fit up with whatever gear you wish to equip to it.

Open Perpetuum is seen by the community as the successor project to Perpetuum Online, being ran by dedicated veterans and volunteers who have played Perpetuum Online for years.

It is a welcoming community full of friendly faces, and a dev time that will listen to your feedback.

If you want an alternative to EVE, Perpetuum Online is a match made in heaven essentially, and the Open Perpetuum community is the best place for you to join up!

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