Master your weapon. Master the Force. Master yourself. The Open Jedi Project (OJP) is an open source modification for Raven Software's Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. Aiming to develop innovative, fun features to the base game, OJP, led by Razor Ace, brings together dedicated fans to integrate their vision of what a Star Wars game should feel like with those of others. Open Jedi Project consists of two mods: Basic and Enhanced. Whereas Basic serves as an unofficial patch to fix bugs and increase the capacity for other modders to experiment in baseJKA, OJP: Enhanced breaks new ground with major overhauls to the Jedi Knight gameplay. Open Jedi Project Enhanced (OJP: Enhanced) makes major gameplay alterations that not only build upon existing features that make base JKA fun, but also introduces new features that greatly increase immersion into epic Star Wars battles.

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OJP Enhanced version 0.1.2

OJP Enhanced version 0.1.2

Full Version 16 comments

Well here it is. Its been at JK3files for a while but we forgot to update it here ;D sorry. Alot has been changed and modified for more balanced gameplay...

OJP Enhanced version 0.1.1

OJP Enhanced version 0.1.1

Full Version 1 comment

Sorry for taking this down before, but this should be the more functional version of 0.1.1. This build was originally meant for forum goers and beta testers...

OJP Enhanced Beta v0.0.9v

OJP Enhanced Beta v0.0.9v

Full Version 3 comments

Here's a short list of the major changes: Saberers can now choose the individual saber styles they want More Realistic Jetpacks More Rhythmic Saber Combat...

OJP Enhanced - Infiltration Teaser - Jedi

OJP Enhanced - Infiltration Teaser - Jedi


A teaser for a cinematic trailer of the Open Jedi Project: Enhanced mod for Jedi Academy game. This one focuses on the Jedi and the dynamic, fast-paced...

OJP Enhanced Beta v0.0.9u

Full Version 2 comments

OJP Enhanced Beta v0.0.9u ========= Changelog ========= Version 0.0.9u: New Features: Improvements/Fixes: Animation Tweaks: - Fixed Juyo/Makashi animation...

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