Global mod for STALKER SHoC, intended to recreate a highly atmospheric Zone with highest possible quality, stability of the game, rich gameplay and loyalty to the canons of the Sci-Fi genre.

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This is a list of features of O.G.S.E. 0693 mod. It's just what you might want to read before downloading.

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While working on the graphic component of the engine following optimization and features have been added (shown only difference from the 0692 version):

- Shadow of the protagonist (full dynamic shadows from all light sources, not fake as static)

- Bloodmarks on the bodies of humans and monsters

- Ability to adjust the density and range of grass.

- Ability to enable shadows cast by grass.

- Full-screen anti-aliasing. Two types are available - FXAA (Fast Approximate AntiAliasing) and SMAA (Subpixel Morphological AntiAliasing), first is faster, second looks better, both can significantly improve the image quality.

- The right shading from the sun, with a length corresponding to the actual angle of incidence of sunlight.

- Volumetric light beams on particles of dust in the air, you can choose from version of “Crysis” or version of STALKER: Clear Sky. The second option is more reliable, but also has a greater effect on performance.

- Soft edge of the water - now the water at the edge of ponds does not seem rigid plane.

- Soft particle - particle effects such as smoke, dust, fog, etc now have no sharp edges, manifested in their interaction with the geometry.

- Soft edge of the shadow.

- Global coverage - a technology that allows the calculation of illuminance of objects into account their mutual shading and shadow from geometry details. Creates a more plausible picture lighting penumbra, there are two different algorithms, SSDO and HBAO.

- Improved relief surface using an algorithm Steep parallax mapping. This algorithm is used to calculate ray tracing instead bump height maps, which gives a more realistic and high quality effect.

- The effects of the eye focus and depth of the scene when aiming, reloading and looking at near and far objects.

- Lit up by lamps.

- Dirt on the lens.

- Raindrops on the glass of the helmet or mask of the protagonist.

- Dynamic puddles from the rain.

- Wet surfaces during rain.

- Volumetric light of some lamps.

- Credible reflection on the water and asphalt.

- Volumetric fog.

- The effect of sharpening the image.

- Realistic collimator sights on the weapon, with self-luminous sighting mark visible in any light

- The effects of being under water

Improvements of game platform and engine (shown only difference from the 0692 version):

- An unique debug system was implemented to the scripting system for capture binders freezes, which completely eliminates alife hang situation and helps to obtain detailed information on the failed module and sequence of its call, which allows you to quickly rectify any appeared problems.

- Bug with wound immunity of suits is eliminated. Because of this bug in the original armor protection from wounds was not working, and even on the contrary, the higher the protection armor have, the more damage is dealt to the player.

- A completely new, unique system of in-game data and variables made, providing virtually unlimited storage space that allows you not to stretch to the limits to create a large number of quests.

- Revised and improved support for widescreen resolutions - no more stretched textures, interface elements, etc.

- Fixed appearance of the original crashes e_parent && e_entity, after murder of NPC, while reloading weapons.

- Added system of interchangeable addons – scopes, rifle shotguns and other equipment. Unfortunately, we were not able to revise all the weapons within a reasonable time, but the whole system is fully available for use by developers of add-ons.

- Made refactoring and optimization of scripting code (and the critical place of the code completely rewritten), which resulted in even greater stability than has been achieved in version

- The engine is completely independent, and DRM-free.

- The new system of quick and savable timers.

- Automatic script schemes and modules connection with error handling.

- Introduced new handy tools to develop and test - system for collecting debug information, the editor of shapes, etc.

- Completely redesigned netpacket system, it was made easy to use and secure.

- Fully corrected all possible problems with the manager of conditions caused by NPC hang when changing behavioral patterns.

- All behaviors schemes improved, eliminated all possible conflicts.

- All unique armor effects, missing in the original game were added, such as wound healing, hemostasis, hunger, fatigue.

- Exoskeletons were revised, they can be put on almost any armor (even on a sweater) except scientific suits and heavy military armor.

- Fixe a bug with wrong actor visual.

- Night vision devices are now made to dress up and sold separately from the reservation.

- New device - the thermovisor.

- The individual slots for all equipment (knife detector biodetectors, helmets and gas masks, night vision).

- Advanced light sources, including lamps and spotlights outdoor lighting with the possibility of scripting control (on / off schedule, etc.).

- Fix a bug with the impossibility of the switch of the type of grenade in hand.

- Fix a bug with NPC falling in panic, from which they can not get out.

- Interception of keys - now any script action can be assigned to any key that allows you to easy control of any instruments, devices and mechanisms. Widely used in mod.

- United convenient base script spawn.

- New weather system with randomization of weather cycles.

- Redesigned weapons manager.

- Revised and supplemented reaction scheme of the dangers for NPC. Introduced reaction to the discovery of the corpses of friendly NPC.

Gameplay and scripting improvements (are only differences from the 0692 version):

- New scripted battle scheme to replace poor engine one - maneuvering, different behaviors, use of shelters and arranging ambushes. With the growing complexity and more intelligent behavior proportional to the experience of NPC.

- Added a large number of unique hand-made quests with non-standard scenes. Many new quests harnessing devices and items, including reading a book, a combination safe, jukebox, etc.

- Amended and extended storyline.

- Added guides to quickly navigate through locations you have already visited.

- Adapted offline alife module from AMK (can be switched off) with news generated based on the offline life.

- Changed the scheme of changing the visual of NPC and companion.

- Redesigned algorithm of evading anomalies used a dual restrictor-algorithmic scheme. Made system to eliminate spawn of dynamic anomalies to pre-calculated quest path of the characters and in the areas of level changers.

- Changed the sleep system, interface and scripting part. In the rain, you can not sleep, you need to be in the shelter. Sleeping under the sky in the absence of a friendly NPC or the nearby partner may end fatally.

- Population control system of the stalkers and the monsters in the Zone was made, uncontrolled spawn impossible.

- Seriously modified vehicles, its physics, interface and interaction with it. Now it must be refilled, the trunk has normal game interface, adjusting camera angles in the transport, the grass of the locations are no longer passes through the machine model, displayed in her salon. In the car, you can ride with a partner.

- Redesigned controlled APC, its control and guidance system. When driving on it with a partner it can help to fire a gun, taking over the management of guidance and shooting. It is possible to sleep in and to wait surge.

- During the surge all electronics is switched off, including night vision systems and electronics APC.

- Improved the impact of monsters on player.

- Usable machine guns and portable machine gun turret (you can take with a stationary machine gun, bring it to deploy and fire).

- New and revised voiced biodetectors worn in slot working through customizable firmware.

- Mini game with quest characters.

- New autodoctor with a customizable interface, charging cartridges drugs.

- A new system of dynamic fires, it reacts the same way to the main character.

- A revised system of trade of transport.

- The effects of critical hits for the main character - NPC can knock out a weapon from hands, can do heavy headshots, etc.

- Effects on NPC and monsters when using flamethrower to them, new realistic flame effects of flamethrower, the possibility of using a flamethrower for partner or NPC.

- Redesigned module with slow treatment effects of drugs, also there’re new drugs.

- Improved system of shelters from surge.

- Redesigned minigun, model, voice, animation, etc. Exists preliminary promotion trunks.

- Random rewards for random quests, with the ability to choose a reward yourself.

- Stashes with random content.

- A new, redesigned surge.

- Redesigned scheme of corpses searching with new animations and comments.

- The new version of the scheme "Companion" - improved and carefully modified. With a partner, you can easily and conveniently, without delay, to move between locations, use transport, select of the type of weapon of the companion. Teammate provided with improved scripting combat intelligence, literacy combat growing with his experience.

- Improved zombieness condition.

- Improved camp scheme – now NPC does not fight for a place by the fire, etc.

Refinements of world and locations:

- All locations completely redesigned - directed by the remaining unfinished from the original geometry, added new, expanded location, equipped with three-dimensional panoramas (create the effect of an infinite world), on the locations completely redone AI-map, corrected all the holes in it and multiple overlay.

- Added new locations with the settlement and quests for them.

At this point these parts of mod are still in the development of:

- Refinement of weapons and weapon conception.


Wow! Pretty huge list and nice features.
Thanks for such great mod =)

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Huge congratulation to releasing this mod! Previous version was great, but this is way better. This was definitely the best S.T.A.L.K.E.R. mod released last year (talking about Russian version here).

Btw: Great feature list!

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The perfect mod.

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Hi, I am having problems running the mod.

I have downloaded all parts and the patch, I have installed the mod and then the patch on my stalker folder.
The launcher works fine, when I launch the game it crashes with error on the xrcore_gsc.dll, can you please assist?

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Do you installed it standalone or on your installed SHoC game?
This mod is standalone and do not require original game - you need to install it in separate folder.

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Excellent, very polished, professional grade mod.

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How did you manage to get blood marks on the bodies of humans and monsters? Did you create a script for that? I'm trying to do this for Call of Chernobyl so I can upload it as an addon.

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