You wake up in front of a Mansion and you find a note that tells you there is a dangerous room that took your life 5 times... This mod has a number of key-door puzzles that leads to a series of events that might be interesting for you. This mod is not scary and it's meant for those who just want to enjoy inspecting and exploring... or is it?! Also it's short.. Because I decided to cut the story into pieces...

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utynex says

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This made me lol so hard . Funniest custom story ever , Dont forget , Im the taller and more good looking guy !


Love It


Dude, this CS is fun af! especially the end. The end should be a CS by its self I swaer you'l' have a good rating from me. 10/10 on this one <3


one Word... AWESOME


tht1savage says

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Love the story great change of pace to the constant jump scares and such other mods include. Only a few issues I had. Please include save points at the start of new chapters because during the sprint in chapter 2 i accidentally ran off the first stair case. no biggie but when i was running though again i had the same speed and glitched though one of the gates after a while of jumping around and sprinting at the gates i got out but was a bit frustrating. maybe i found a rare bug idk. but again GREAT mod loved the story behind it. Please continue the story


Excellent, nice humor and nice story!

Was there a lantern somewhere? I had 69 oil potions but no lantern :D Funny custom story. The ending was great, one of the part of the second chapter looked like a sprint race against brutes :D


Heksiz says

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Vulgar custom story with poor english. The end was fun but it had some obvious spots and many unnecessary supplies. And I really do not understand the role of those levers before the last map... Just saying...

Really cool! I love how this mod is totally different from anything ive ever played before. The story was interesting and original and though it had a few bugs and lacked scares the atmosphere was solid and the originality was impressive (especially the really cool chapter2 part)

I was unable to find the lantern, it was a bit short and some of the maps lacked some detail These are the only things preventing me from giving this a 10 but overall it's a really cool mod and i can't wait to play part 2

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