Nova Aetas is set in the world of Calradia, but in a later period. The Old Medieval World is vanishing. A new era is coming and you, the player, will experience this. Nova Aetas is Latin for A New Era. The main targets are realism & extended gameplay.

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Great mod, some unique features I wanted and couldn't find in any other mod like a better hierarchy in the nobility. Totaly deserves a 10/10 in my opinion.


It is a really great mod. It has problems sure, but the fact that it came out 10 hours ago makes them ignorable. This mod is fantastic in every single way. It has expanded the amount of hours i can sink into this game by 100. I can't wait to see what the author has in store in the upcoming patches.


This mod just makes Calradia so thoroughly believable, I want to be a peasant who chucks wood all day? No prob! You want to be the doge of an successful merchant republic? No prob!

I simply love it...with all the titles one can choose for his char once he founds a empire it's simply awesome. Makes it a little more realistic for people who want to run a republic or a principality instead of always being a king.

The designs in this mod are spectacular. The features look very very enticing and interesting. And the general feel of this mod is just immediately simmering with addiction and I'm sure will take many hours of my life away when playing this mod.

The funny thing is it's not even been released yet, and I already give a 9/10. You'd think I'm optimistic, but when a mod of such quality is presented in front of you with a release date so close, I'm more that confident to score it a high rating.

Good luck, you have my best wishes!

This mod is a superb and unique piece of art, saying that all things have their flaws. The mod has some very unique and impressive features that I have wanted to see in other mods but have not, and some issues that cause my blood to boil. A good start to what could be a great mod.

What makes the mod so good and what are the problems?

The new hierarchy system is something well done. What people thought of you in any other mod made no difference to how you played however in this you must work from the bottom up. Since the start you can choose if you own a small bit of land of if you have great skill in one section. While this isn't entirely new it is refreshing on how well it has been performed.

The hierarchy or the Prestige system is a truly unique and well tuned feature that adds more to the game without too much thinking. You can forget about talking to the king while he relaxes in a castle, he has more important subjects to interact with.

Other than this however it has no real purpose, sure I have lots of prestige but what does that do now? After you have enough to talk to a king it seems almost as if that function is finished. Not a complaint more like something that should have more to it.

While visiting the same places I usually visit in Calradia I was pleasantly surprised to see the new interiors and new cities. This was short sighted personally by the small buildings. I felt almost like a giant around the houses but this is easily forgotten when walking into a castle or Church. Spectacular work has been performed on this mod and it shows great potential however this is a review of the mod now and not what it could be.

The building system is something I really like, it is impressive compared to the other versions that have tried and has a nice recourse process. The fief side of things are really enjoyable and have far exceeded my expectation.

The new worlds was also a lovely addition to which I experienced no issues with and seems like something that



Extremely impressed. I absolutely love it!


A excellent mod from the maker of 1805 and the Mount And Blade community at large. Great work!

Awesome mod that offer a lot of new features that make our adventures through Calradia much more realistic, fun and challenging.It also adds new factions and characters. You must try it. It's the most f**king awesome mod for Warband.
Now a list of some mod features that make it unique:

--Prestige system: Work hard for advance in classes, from a simple freemen with no power to an archduke or king. With no prestige you won't be allowed to enter castles

-Religions system: Choose one religion and expand it all over Calradia. If u choose to be catholic or muslim join crusades/jihads. Pray and gain piety.

-Be farmer, lumberjack or miner to get some money and prestige before you become a craftsman apprentice in the city. Stay working as apprentice in the city in order to craft your masterpiece and become a craftsman of the city guildhall, getting the chance to open your own workshop. You can also become a rentier renting your houses in town (the houses are very expensive, but the reward is also big).

-The best management for villages and towns, kingdom and workshops I've ever seen. Also the possibility of stablishing colonies in the new world .

Balance power between nobility, clergy, bourgeois and craftsman/lower population in order to get better incomes, more religion uniformity, more population growth or faster edicts to rule.

Upgrade buildings for real improvements in incomes, growth, training troops and spread your religion.

Invest in your kingdom technology to unlock new buildings new troop tiers (with firearms) and the happines of your vassals and population.
Hire workers and invest in your workshops to increase the efficency and protection of your workshops.

Control the corruption on your kingdom to benefit yourself or to buy someones affinity without being a bad model. If your become very corrupt all your subdits will strat being corrupts as well. So choose wisely.

Upgrade your colonies building forts, building houses and essential buildings to bring colonialists from the old world... or slaves. Trade with products of your colony (tobacco, sugar, etc.). Fight the natives to avoid the anihilation of your colonies.

-Win some traits for your character depending on your actions. There are good traits and bad traits, everyone of them gives you bonuses or penalties on gameplay.

-You can build up to 6 castles in Calradia in order to expand your power and fiefs.

-Explore and rebuild the ancient world of Calradia. The Ruins of Uxkhal, aqueduct of Reyvyadin, and some other ruins all over the map.

-There are a lot of other features like new factions, invasions, items, scenery, characters, textures, sounds and things to do, but i can't post here everything.

Even being my favourite mod, I know that it has a lot of potential to become even better.

The modder is very friendly with the players. He reads all feedback and bug reports, and give fast answers

Good luck with this project Quintillius!!!

Sorry if there are some spelling errors, I don't use english often.

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