Notarged 2 is a survival game which will let you fight with zombies, soldiers, and robots. Want to kill enemies? Want to defend your area? Fight alone, and try to survive.

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Why Notarged 2 hasn't been released yet? Let me shine some light into this situation.

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Hello all.
I'm guessing that most of you are quite curious about why Notarged 2 hasn't been released yet.
Let me shine some light into this situation.

Yes, Notarged 2 will be released sooner or later, the only thing that is stopping the game from being released is the lack of maps to play on, and I wish to release the game with enough content for you to enjoy and experience, but just so you know, the base game is there and finished.

If I was to prioritize this game it probably could have been released in either 2016 or 2017, but I did not want to spend all my time on one thing, I wanted to improve myself at different stuff too.

When I first developed Notarged, I just slapped it with a random name and released it, there was no order in it, it was literally a shitshow. I didn't even have any plans to develop a sequel for it, but well, when I asked myself "why not?" I decided not to change the name and develop a sequel for it. The first game was a one-man project which I started to work on only to improve my knowledge on Source Engine, the sequel of it, Notarged 2, was also carrying the same meaning of improving myself. But while developing Notarged 2 I came to the realization of the fact that I've learned most of the stuff I had to learn about the engine while making the first game. Just like the first one, Notarged 2 is still a one-man project, yes, the other team members do help me here and there if I'm in need, but I mostly work on it by myself. I'm guessing that Notarged 2 will probably be the last Source project I will be working on.

Developing bots, softwares, making maps and dealing with private life problems at the same time is not easy and quite time consuming, we all know that for a fact, but I'm trying my best to keep things going at a quick pace. Right now Notarged 2 is not the only thing I have to improve and finish, so please do not take the release date that I've shared for granted, there might or might not be delays.

Also, every library (the ones that were made by me) that comes with Notarged 2 will be free for everyone to use, no licensing, no bullshit that you have to go through, all you have to do is copy and paste it and you can use it however you want, just to clarify things though, you have to know that I take no responsibility over these libraries.

I will also be releasing the VMF files of the maps I have made to this day along with the game so you can use it however you want too, edit it, use it in your mods, hell even if you wanted to sell them for a profit, I wouldn't mind it. I would even probably feel happy knowing that I've done good for others.

The source codes for all the software I made for Notarged 2 will also be there, but just so you know I didn't really try keeping things tidy and clean, so you are most likely be finding some bugs and errors here and there (I'm giving that a whole 90% chance).

If you need any help with anything, feel free to ask me, if I know the answer I will gladly help you out.

Have a nice weekend.

Yours truly,
LordOf Xen.


Thanks for the update. Take your time and deliver us a better experience! It is worth!

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flippedoutkyrii Online

Take your time, dude! This is a hell of an undertaking!

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