A sequel to RA2/YR: Nod's Revenge imagines the original Command & Conquer (Tiberian Dawn) as taking place in an environment not long after Yuri's defeat...

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Sep 15 2015 Anchor


Early on in Nod's Revenge development, it was decided that at least one of our central Nod Infantry should hearken back to WW1/WW2 themes based on the use of former Soviet/Yuri equipment. These "Stormtroopers" would be more like what we thought the old Conscripts should've been - specifically in that their gas masks would aid in immunity to poison gasses and radiation. Rest assured, these "Black Hand Conscripts" will be far more effective than their un-enthusiastic predecessors....

Black Hand Stormtrooper Inspiration (Sketch by Darcad)

Sketch by Darcad on DeviantArt.

Nazi Soldiers by Eco Flex NodsRe

A piece by Eco Flex on DeviantArt that we thought matched our Black Hand Stormtroopers quite well. Adaptation and recoloring by the Nod's Revenge team.

  • Immune to poison gas and radiation.
  • Has access to tiberim/chemical bullets.
  • Just plain bad.

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Sep 18 2015 Anchor

What's the Black Hand's relation to Nod? Is it loyal to Nod or does it eventually go rogue? (with possible echoes to C&C3's Black Hand under Brother Marcion)

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Sep 18 2015 Anchor

The approach to the Black Hand within Nod's Revenge is more like "Kane's Secret Police". It is where Nod's best technology and those closest to Nod's agenda are found.

I don't think we'll be seeing a rogue Black Hand for this early chapter of the Nod's Revenge story.

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