RSS NMRiH Audio Update #4 November 2009
Smiley_Riley Creator

Everyone sounds tired hehe

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Dman757 Author

It was a long night.

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Another informative update, thanks for putting it up

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Good luck on the barricade part. Adding it in a way that makes sense and is something that is good/fun for the player to do can't be easy with source engine I imagine. ( I've had ideas but it might be a little too complicated for source and/or difficult as hell to put in. )

Thanks for putting this up, love getting information about mods and games.

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00:00 - Into Music
00:50 - Introduction by Maxx
01:40 - Will the game have its own custom sprites?
02:10 - Will certain doors have a sort of health level that causes them to open after repeated attacks on the door?
02:40 - Will doors move on free hinges?
03:15 - How will the barricade system work?
04:10 - Do guns have bullet penetration?
04:30 - Can zombies climb and can you only kill them with headshots?
05:20 - Can you spectating people playing with out having to play yourself?
05:50 - Will there be physical signs of infection for players to look for?
06:25 - How many hits from an infected can a player take before they die?
07:01 - How many melee hits from another player can you take before you die.
07:20 - How predictable will the zombie animations be?
07:50 - How deadly is fire damage to survivors?
08:25 - Will friendly fire be on by default and can you turn it off?
08:43 - How long will it take for a person to turn into a zombie after they become infected?
09:10 - Can you kill your self if you want to?
09:30 - Will there be radio transmissions from the military or other survivalists in game?
10:01 - At release will there be maps after the "of the dead" films?
10:42 - What is the teams relationship with Darthbrush.
11:24 - Will the mod be available on steam through steamworks?
12:02 - How long will rounds be on first release?
12:31 - Will characters have their own vocal commands?
13:11 - Will the mod come out before 2010?
14:06 - Will we have some gameplay video out some time soon?
15:17 - Will fire generate its own light?
15:56 - Will there be "twitchers"?
16:23 - Sidenote* about asking questions by Dman757
16:41 - Will there be more melee weapons in the future?
17:36 - Will the game fgd come out before the game for mappers to work on custom mappers.
18:03 - Custom sprays?
18:50 - What do we have to say about the dismemberment system?
19:21 - Will damage effect your speed?
Music by Rich 'Beckett' Douglas