No More Room in Hell the long awaited Source zombie modification.

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CanadianWolverine says

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I first heard about this mod on a very recent PC Gamer (US) podcast and as a zombie entertainment enthusiast couldn't pass it up looking in to it. I have been through the available maps, on the few servers that pop up in the server list, and this is a fantastic zombie mod because it will make you concerned by zombies again and not just because the ammo is sparse. The zombies are tough to put down with anything less than hit to their dome. Its often better to try to run past the zombies than engage but when there are other players if you are like me you will want to try to keep them alive as well and it will make for some really tense situations even if you are working as a team who communicates and coordinates. The voice work is a work of art, even fellow players microphones as they fade into the distance unless you have a radio between the two of you. At least on one map, the route you have to take to find rescue changes. The shadows are scary places and the use of the flashlights is almost as vital as ammo and good melee that includes shove. Oh my, that shove is the kind of thing one wishes all zombie games had and I wouldn't be surprised if it turns into one of those kinds of ideas that gets stolen by alot of other bright devs/artists and not just for zombie games either. The mod does have a few issues though, the spawning of zombies can happen while you watch, even right on top of you in some places like the gun store in Chinatown. And it loses some of its luster once the mystery of how to make ones way through a map is broken by a speed runner, I know I no longer much care for the cabin map after watching one player leave everyone in the dust to get swarmed while they looted the place dry and were the sole person to find rescue at the boat dock/lake. So, here's hoping for future updates, I know I would like some character development and specialization, but even if it were never touched again, there are diamonds in the rough here, some beautiful gaming moments.

Just...amazing. The realism in it, when you are playing with your friends in a Zombie Apocalypse, makes you feel the intensity like it's from one of those horror movies like Dawn of the Dead or those old Resident Evil games. I understand that there are little flaws that don't really matter but that's cause this is a Beta, there's supposed to be things like that. And the fact that I am in love with a game already in it's Beta stage, shocks myself even. I hope when the final release comes out, that it will excite me with many new(and fixed)things to occur on this mod. This should have been Player's Choice of the Year.

@People who think that it should be rated 1 or 0.

Just because you're getting errors, or it's performing badly for you, does not mean you can give it a 1. It is not the mod developers fault so stop downrating this epic game. There are heaps of active servers (I see full ones everyday all day). And running like 1985? You weren't even born then kid.

Except the bugs, this game features one of the best co-op experinces you will ever enjoy. And the most important thing, that it's free!!!

This is a great mod, for a couple of reasons.

First and foremost, the mod does immersion far better than any other FULL zombie game I've ever played, let alone mod. Zombies are too numerous to kill, ammunition is scarce, and darkness is everywhere. It makes the entire gameplay experience enjoyable beyond what I ever had in Left 4 Dead.

The second reason is that teamwork is a lot more involved than in other games/mods. You can only chat with others through voice if they are nearby (it fades with distance), or if you have walkie-talkies to communicate through. Ammunition often has to be shared, and multiple people searching for supplies is actually USEFUL.

The mod is somewhat buggy at the moment, but the bugs themselves don't directly impact gameplay most of the time. Bugs are to be expected with such a recent mod, one which is still heavily in development. My complaints in gameplay are the lack of variety, but a mode much more focused on mowing down zombies rather than going through levels in development sounds awesome. Should be a good change of pace.

This game. THIS GAME. It's just incredible. The amount of people lpaying this, the level of detail, it shows that a lot of frustration and shortcomings were encountered but you made it through and spawned this little title. I'm amazed at why I just recently got back into it! Hope to see what you can do when you release the steam build! Seriously, well done everyone.

awesome game. finnaly a zombie game that the creators didnt mess up with super zombies and regular infected that couldnt kill a fly. what also adds to it is the fact that if you are bit there is a good chance you will be infected. this version is still pretty buggy but thats why its a beta. the end project is going to be amazing. :)


I like this game mainly because it is free and the zombie missions, in most games all you have to do is kill everything like in killing floor and once that is finished... youre finished. but in this game you have to unlock doors, turn on the power, and get to the safe house, its kinda like a free Left 4 Dead.

The slow moving zombie, an idea I thought had been lost to older less responsively controlled games. I was convinced that fast moving zombies, like those in the 'Left 4 Dead' series was the only way to play these days. I was wrong. NMRIH (No More Room in Hell), proves that you don't have to be chased to experience an adrenaline rush. In fact, being overwhelmed by the shambling moaning masses is an event commonly experienced, and the level designs are directed convincingly to allow just such a thing to happen.
As 4 the negatives, which are not severe and can and will be updated, are the melee, the longer ranged weaponry (not all weapons), character animations, and the lack of playable female character models (aka Sausage Fest).
1. Melee, I experienced some random outcomes to my strikes, and occasionally input unresponsiveness.
2. The scoped rifle in the game simply would not hit the target at a certain range, meaning close to mid-range kills were the only kills that could be accomplished.
3. The character animations were slightly silly sometimes, case in point, the rifle with the bayonet has the ability to kill with a well aimed 'shove' to the head, but if view from a third person stand-point the character would shove the zombie away with the default animation (with his arms outstretched in a pushing motion) and the zombie's head would explode, what?
4. lastly, no playable female models. I don't know if it's just me, but I would be much more inclined to survive the zombie apocalypse if there was more 'gender variety' to look forward to.

As I stated before these minor issues are promised to be assessed with next update, as it will also be made available on Steam at the same time.

The levels are well designed, the mechanics are solid, the co-op is a must especially with friends, the atmoshpere is immersive, and the quality speaks for itself. Download it, play it, enjoy...