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This is one of those unique mods, that takes a great 'escape from' environment and comes out as good as I thought. It reminds you instantly of a Night at the Office except more like Half-Life.
Good pacing, some tough fights with grunts and powerful Aliens, no I mean the real Aliens. It actually has some variety of environments with a short sewer level and carpark... there are some intuitive parts like walking alongside the window edge :O
Everytime you think you've managed to escape you are going back down into the building and the ending is totally out of place, why would it be there? and why would you need it to escape from a office building?


Pretty cool, mod, is amazing it's from 2003!, tough didn't have the weapons that the screenshoots in here shows, maybe that's an extra add-on the developer has in his HL1 verssion.

The "Black Aien" was really cool and the combat allways was pretty intense and fun, also the layout of the maps.

Is kind of strange mod as u see many wierd scenes like those ladys in the dressing room. But anyway overall this is a fun entretaining mod any mod lover should play.

RARE mod! Kinda strange but i liked it. :)

This map a way too linear!

Well, this mod brings action. The mapping could be better at some places, but it's not poor at all! There are tricky parts which took me some time to figure out (such as the tunnels with no light).


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