Very simple mod that will remove the shield icons over all unit and vehicles that display when they enter cover or negative cover. It only removes the icons above the units, not the benefits or negs of the cover. Purely aesthetic. Give it try and see how much better the game looks without the icon clutter! I originally made mods for DoW and it's expansions over 10 years ago! Maybe someone remembers my username Hellocookie? Haha. This is my first mod for the game in over a decade. Someone made this before but due to dowfiles closing down I believe it was lost. So after searching and searching I just decided to make it myself. This version is for DoW 1 vanilla. Expect a DC version in the future! Installation: extract to your DoW directory and unzip. Select from the mod menu in the game and enjoy! Fight in His name for me, - AngryGuardsman (aka Hellocookie!)

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it works as described.

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