Niv's Rules-a rules mod for red alert 2 YR by niv lev ari.


will all those ares based mods going on the web for a while now: its been a while since
a standardized ini based ruleset mod for red alert 2: yuri's revenge came out...

this is where i come in........

introducing niv's rules: the new fangled rules mod for red alert 2:Yuri's revenge that
offers the following:

1)Everyone can build everything:no longer will yuri's army not have an airforce,the allies
a nuclear missle or power plant and the soviets robotics and high tech gadgetry: all factions:
be it soviet socialist republics,free allied nations or yuri subserviant states: will be able to build each others technology,weapons,units and construction options
(including the top secret ones like the psychic commando or chrono ivan,hehe....)
2) civil buildings for the win: just as you can build everyone's technology,weapons and buildings: so can you build the civil technologies your factions depend on if you have the cash for it:
anything from oil derricks to hospitals to airbases can be build by all factions for the appropriate fees....
3)special abilities for all: no matter if your are allied,soviet or yuri based: your faction will now have access to spy planes and airforce divisions whenever you play
4)instant and unlimited superweapons: wanted to have nuclear armageddon? perhapes make yuri's dreams of domination a reality? have an entire legions of brutes or cause so many chrono time space tears and lighting storms that are
powerful enough to tear the atmosphere apart: well,now you can: Since all superweapons in the game are buildable with pay,but now have instant avaliablity everytime:Guarenteed!
5)build the campaign setters: want an eiffel tower full of electrical shock therapy? a psychic beacon with the power to dominate the world? a mayan laser pyramid that can prism the world over? now you can: since all of those are now
6)the supernatural is here: mummies,gouls,t-rexes and more: the supernatural dwells within and it is all a fair weapon for your armies to use.
7)conscription is mandatory: it wouldn't be allowing you to build conscripts without allowing you to BUILD CONSCRIPTS,right? now you can have anything from baseball players to cowboys to forest rangers to crocodiles to beach groupies to
your friendly soviet cosmonaut! all men and women must pitch in if worldwide communism,free trade capitalism or full dictatorial enslavement should reign!
8)the secret is known!- like said above: all regular units are available but also the top secret projects: psychic commandos,chrono ivans and seals,heroes,cosmonauts and even political figures from the soviet premiere to the president of
the united states himself: now are avaliable for your free use! let the run,let them fight,let them rule......

and,best of all? all of this is vanila free modding! no fuffing about with ares,npatches or anything wild to get it to work,even in 2016! just extract it to the games root folder(where your launchers are) get it 2016 readily playable and
enjoy all the modding,instantly added: vanila modding galore!

special thanks to:

tibed-for giving me the tools to make the mod
old rules releasers: for inspiring me to achieve this dream,once and for all
westwood studios R.I.P- for offering me 21 years of pure RTS joy
internet and modding places: for letting me host this wonderful ruleset

download,share and enjoy

sincerely yours,

niv lev ari gantenio

21 year old office clerk

tel aviv-yaffo,israel

dated:january 20th 2016(20.01.16)

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Niv's Rules-Main File

Niv's Rules-Main File

Full Version 1 comment

the main deal: the vanila ruleset of 2016,the new thing to make your game more fun

Dr.Octavia-Pus - - 843 comments

You can be easily banned like this kornilius, Even if you did that just because you're no longer using this site.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
CombatoElTiebaGrupo - - 58 comments

lots of icon missing

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
kNq-DvL - - 59 comments

I check the Pic's and this mod is not good :( pls fix any changes :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Meyerm - - 1,186 comments

What pics? Every picture shown was ripped from vanilla or an ACTUAL mod made by someone else. The one is from a prerelease promo for YR and older than moddb even.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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