This is a modification of a existing mod called New Arsenal 5.1 and you will need the base mod.

This mod contains:

* Corrected the screen position of all weapons.
* Rebalance of the game aspects like wepons, artifacts and character aspects.
* Crouch and prone instead of x2 crouch.
* Lots of bugs corrected.
* Completely new HUD focused on harcore gameplay.
* Original menu music.
* Changed time cicle: 1 real life hour = 3 ingame hours,
you can also sleep to advance in time.
* Unique wepons and armor don't lose durability. (temporary)
* Trasnalation of the base mod to english.

Base Mod New Arsenal 5.1 Download Link:
The base mod is a standalone game, You don't need the original game to play New Arsenal 5.1.

New Arsenal Forum Link (Russian):

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New Arsenal 5.1 Standalone

New Arsenal 5.1 Standalone

Full Version 37 comments

New Arsenal 5.1 Standalone with the almost unlimited stash space and english translation

NA51 Revisited v0.56112

NA51 Revisited v0.56112

Full Version 8 comments

"Aways DELETE the GAMEDATA folder BEFORE intall a NEW VERSION of the mod."

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Shidentora - - 1,391 comments

How to kill the helicopter in the Darkscape, after completing the X18 Lab in the Dark Valley? Couldn't I just go to Sidor via Garbage?

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Shidentora - - 1,391 comments

The game always "proposes" to use the hardest options. After the X-18, DO NOT go to the Darkscape. Go to the transition to the Garbage, kill the soldiers and go to Sidor as usual.

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Frost_Wolfe - - 3 comments

Trash buggy mod. Best avoided.

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Kayrie-Enigma - - 26 comments

I think the weather of this mod is broken, i'm playing for hours and the storm don't stop, please, anyone knows how to change the weather?

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DSH12DRK - - 7 comments

Hi, currently playing in 5.1, I'm in Jupiter but when I going to do the level change to Zaton, this specific Crash happens and only when I go to Zaton:


[error]Expression : fatal error
[error]Function : CModelPool::Instance_Load
[error]File : E:\stalker\sources\trunk\xr_3da\xrRender\ModelPool.cpp
[error]Line : 111
[error]Description : <no expression>
[error]Arguments : Can't find model file '_drink = 3
ammo_9x19_fmj = 3
ammo_9x19_pbp = 1
ammo_5.56x45_ss190 = 2

stack trace:

Seems like I cannot find the model file or i messed up some config file of the mod. Any help or suggestion would be appreciated.

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xzamirhosein - - 10 comments

hi becuase i play on static lightning foggy and stormy weather is veeeeery bad for me and vision distance is low so i need to play with clear or dully weather so please give me some information to change weathor with console command please

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Bobwallingham - - 2 comments

were's the decoder in the hotel searched for hours no luck its not in the hotel room at Pripyat or the place marked on the map by sterlok and yes the game does crash alot specially when going from area to area either then that runs good but if no decoder you can't leave under ground and reach the sarcophagus throught the door with out the decoder so if theres a clue were its at be much happier

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StalkerKemal - - 127 comments

XR_3DA.exe caused ACCESS_VIOLATION in module "D:\Setupldr\STALKER MODULAR\New Arsenal 5.1\NA51\bin\xrRender_R1.dll" at 0023:04110707 for New arsenal 5.1 help me please

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JosneiGonzales - - 46 comments

how i can change the weigth limit, dont have creatures our system.txt

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smilin - - 78 comments

Does anyone have a spawner for this mod?
I use a spawner from
and game crash when i loadind game.Also the language become russian

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smilin - - 78 comments

want to know how to change fov...

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