Neoforts is a capture the flag, fort building mod for the Half Life 2 Source engine. In Neoforts, players have 2 rounds, one for building, and one for fighting. In build round, players create bases to defend and attack the enemy. In fight round, players attack the enemy base, and attempt to capture enemy flag.---------------Neoforts is still in active development as of july 2012.---------------


Bugfix----- personal block limits per user.. console command "voteswitch" allows players to override build/fight timer (can be used to force enemy team to fight even when not ready) requires any *one* source game tf2 or portal or hl2 or hl2:dm or hl2:ep2 or gmod extract to your ""C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\sourcemods"" folder

BUILD 60--- bugfix + personal block limits

The Buildphase has begun!

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