Nations at War "A Project Revived" A Single Player / Co-op & Multiplayer Battlefield Style Game, You won't need BF2 to play it. Nations at War was built upon the roots of a small group of friends, some of which have played together for many years. Nations at War is a team based First Person Shooter (FPS) that seamlessly combines the use of air, ground, and naval vehicles. It is set in the present day and uses modern and developing combat technologies in its arsenal of game play. Nations at War redefines first person shooter game play by depicting warfare between different nations and regions. Game play involves players joining a country or alliance.

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This mod changes the whole concept of BF!

Definitely among the best mods for BF2.


Drukpod says

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The mod is very good but it has lot of bugs and glitchs


I am amazed at the amount of maps and vehicles! I only wish there were more choppers and planes in a map.


With BF3 being released last fall I find the lack of coop disappointing. This is the only mod I ever return too!

Keep up the great work guys, I know you said 6.0 was your Final Release but still hoping for updates :D


Very fun! A wide variety of weapons makes this even better!



Giving 6 stars just for the mod, it doesn't load maps. =(


This mod is simply amazing!

I enjoyed it,good job.

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This mod changes the whole concept of BF!

Feb 1 2011 by Stevi23