Napoleonic Zombies is a modification developed by me (DarthKiller454) based off many mods/games more well some less known in the gaming-community.

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Includes the basic concept how this mod works for the beta

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Hello all dear people.

Starting from today, I'd like to try out the basic stuff I did with this module with you guys.

After having acquired a wonderful server (Shouts out to Warband Collective to make this possible) I'd like to further involve you guys into the modification.

Important stuff to know:

You can reload weapons in different ways. Some weapons reload in magazines like assault rifles and some reload single bullets or whatever kind of ammunition the weapons uses. This means there is a different balance between using weapons. Holding down the reload key will do the magic.

Most weapons like assault rifles also can have +1 magazine capacity but some weapons like bolt-action rifles can only have their usual max ammo capacity. If you reload from 0 with a M4 you get 30 if you reload between 1 and 30 you get 31. Like some realism.

Weapon accuracy is determined by these factors: Base accuracy, movement speed (less = better), standing or crouching, the xth shot since we started firing with some cool-down so you cannot shoot 15 bullets twice in the same accuracy.

Using first-person always fixes aiming issues with crosshair being not correctly placed. So always shoot in first-person if possible

Stuns and hard hits were mostly disabled. You can move freely shooting other people. Attacking zombies in melee combat is thus very dangerous.

Loot spawns only on certain maps (3 in total yet), spawns every 4-8 minutes. Loot spawns are divided into categories from civilian to military loot. The more common the lootpile the higher the chance of items to spawn there.

Zombies outrun you always!

Zombie Gameplay is not final!

Dust 2 CSGO did not make it into the final beta because of crash issues!


Right Click - Aim weapon

Left Click - Shoot weapon

Quest-Key (default Q) - Reload weapon

V - Zoom using scope on weapon

Release upcoming!

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