Napoleonic Total War 2 for Rome Total War is a full conversion using the Total War platform, all new period units, buildings and weapons new period portraits, flags and banners all new sounds, music and graphics. If you like the Napoleonic era this is the mod for you, we also have a completed version using the Total War Viking Invasion platform that is available for download at our site, we offer forums and support for all our material and are currently working up the conversion for Rome Total War , we are an active mod group with a large talented team, come and see what we have to offer in Napoleonic Total War! If you want to be on top of our latest developments visit and register ate the Lordz forum: The Lordz

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Awesome graphics, awesome units, awesome decorations. But there is no my favourite game mode - arcade battles. So its 8

one of the best RTW mods

Enjoyable for a short duration at playing Napoleonic period battles; however lacks graphics, a campaign and naturally quickly runs thin of entertainment,,, but still a decent bad game

Graphics (6.2/10)
Game play (5.1/10)
Narrative Story Telling: (0/10)
Maps: (2.3/10)
Skins (5.2/10)
Entertainment (4.9/10)
Modder's Efforts (7.1/10)
Historical Accuracy: (7.4/10)
Technical (2.1/10)

Overall result: 4.6/10 = 48% on DaggerClassStudio's Game Mod Rating
= A Poor Mod Game

~Christopher Carlisle James

I like this mod.
It's cool


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