Nali Weapons 3 is a new weapon pack for Unreal Tournament, containing over 15 new weapons, including nuclear weapons, drones, freezing and flaming guns, and the list goes on... It's also the sequel to the old Nali Weapons II X.

RSS Development Update (17-01-2012

Yet another update... The Ionizer charging and nuclear blast, names of the new weapons and more.

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Yet another update...
The Ionizer charging and nuclear blast: it starts as a small purple beam, then it cracks the floor around, then the pieces start to levitate around the beam as it starts to leak energy (ion lightnings), then BOOM, an ion shockwave emerges and a small "plasma" ball stays there as a result of the ionization of the energetic center, while the cloud around keeps having some ion based lightnings due to static energy.

Also, I take this update to say that the 2 remaining weapons already have names:
- Melee: The Executioner
- Translocator: E.T.D. (Enhanced Translocation Device)
As for what exactly they do, I will say later in the next update. Thanks everyone who sent me ideas to help me figuring out new names.
They're also the 2 last weapons I have to do for the pack.

As for the "Builder" one, CANCELLED, for now.
It will be released later with a whole new gametype using the NW3 "technology"(aka visual and flexibility features), based on the already known and popular custom gametype Siege.

It will be pretty much my own Siege version but made from scratch (new buildings, different visuals, newbie friendly and with its own team balancer), but not far from the original thing (NOTE: the objective of this new Siege is not to replace any current one, but rather give a totally new experience but keeping the "magic" behind the current Siege. WildCard is currently developing a new version of Siege and that's the one that should replace any previous version instead, I don't want to step in anyone's toes with this one).
The Builder will also come with a lot more of possibilities that will make it usable in nearly every gametype for different purposes.
I will give more details about this later after the NW3 release and after another 1-2 months UT project I will have in hands.

For now, enjoy the screenshots provided in the images section. :)


How do you enhance a translocater?

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