I posted some new photos and two videos of the mod on YouTube (you find the links in the Ultimate Mod video section here) where you can see some of the new features:

- My renewed Ltrain interiors and few exteriors
- My new colour of exterior lights and I have removed interior projected lights of Ambrose Theatre
- I changed the colour of the screen off display when using Jam Com
- I made a little more detailed vegetation
- Some darkish details of Clara Lille
- Changed police cars and the velocity of their scripted chases (thanks to Stellasin, AJ and Slick modders)
- Some other vehicles behaviour changes
- Some parameters of the train: more people, changed velocity of some aspects and other (thanks to The Silver)
- I still more increased city life (people, traffic, parked cars)
- 4 drinks in all Bar, Restaurant, Cafe (thanks to September 2013 Build mod) and batteries by the News-stand

If you like them or some of them, tell me so I will upload the updates!


List of last update improvements

-- Add two my new weather presets --

REAL FOG: very real fog during the day, with medium clouds, no rain, with flash lightning
during evening and night fog dissolves and remain just on top
(you can see the images in the mod section, they seem a little overexposed but trust me on live playing it's amazing, especially
on driving with the two interior cameras)

CLEAR: very light clouds, no rain, with flash lightning

-- I delete sun rays and sun halos, but leave the flare (think so it's better and more real) --
(you can see images in the mod section)

-- I reduced target size of some weapons (they were too big!) --

-- Add wehicle tweaks by Vapid Mod --


Previous improvements

Update HUD and UI:

-- I removed profiler's white squared targeting reticle and targeting points
-- I removed almost all profiler's tedious white noise lines, except those of the "hints" of hackable objects, but changed them with a light green colour

-- Disabled blue GPS arrows on the road but not in map, disabled hackable objects and enemies outlines, disabled craft item flashing (3Dmigoto)
-- I put new main menu background and music, in theme with the game

I think in this way the general HUD is most likely and much less intrusive, and fits much better with the real life/game's atmosphere

Update Graphics and Weather:

-- Add trees and just some vegetation by Danvsw (think it's more beautiful and fits much better with game's environment)
-- Improvement in weather and day cycle adding/switching with my three presets (much fog/clouds with light rain, clear with few cloud and light rain, clear with other lightning and bloom)
-- Now the weather changes automatically in free roam in about 15/20 minutes with more gradual transition between each other, following my predisposed sequence (you can change it sleeping in the hideout or it is sometimes forced by Living city's first load already activate - main missions have their own preset)

I think in this way the game's environment has great variety and fits much better with its climate

Update "Others"

-- Add better "vehicletractioncontrol" by Vapid Mod


Here's the list of initial adjustments and changes on the Refresh mod base, that really give more variety and beauty to the game:

--- Changes in the vehicle lightning (TXGT + SoloCreep) for much better aspect in my opinion (colour and kind of lens flares, no visible halo,
less intense cone-rays , better dynamicity)
--- Gas station great explosion mode (more pumped with falling flames on the street)
--- Improved atmosphere with:
- new sky and cloud presets
- new weather and day cycle (added presets of E3 Lite mod foggy version + some tweaks)
- puddles and wetness stay longer
--- Modified some Reshade parameters, clearly based on my screen configuration (see instructions below if need)


-- Put all the content of data_win64, replacing if need, in your data_win64 folder of your game install location -- Put all the files of bin folder, replacing if need, in your bin folder (I recommend to do not changes here, but It's based on my taste and technically on my screen configuration and on the game cycle day/night, but if you need I only advise to modify just the "Exposure"and "Saturation" voices in Tonemap of Reshade control panel - if you have already reshade/sweetfx/enbseries installed, delete them - my in game brightness is 75%) -- Put GamerProfile in your path "Documents/MyGames/Watch_Dogs/" folder-- Execute "Running in the 90s" string, sometimes it can help to fix Fps drop and to fix stuttering

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Living City, new graphics, new HUD, new UI and more Based on Refresh Mod and Living City, but I've also done lot of my tweaks and merged some others files...

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