Tells the story of Corporal Daniel Fletcheur. Fletcheur during his mission is injured in a clash with Gordon Freeman, and as he is the only soldier to have crossed paths with Freeman still alive, the government decides to assign him to the alpha unit, for a final mission to Black Mesa, which is to retrieve data from the Anomalous Materials Laboratory. - developer : Hichem BOURAI

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This is one those mods that are potentially ruin the experience for some.

+Very challenging, perhaps the toughest time I've ever had fighting aliens... even if most of it is due to artificial difficulty because of the large groups of teleporting aliens.
+Quite long
+You get to fight along with marines for a handful of parts
+Gets better after the first half when you encounter Black Ops

-level changes happen near enemies, before and after. Making you accidentally change levels while fighting, causing them to either disappear or interrupt the fight.
-groups of teleporting enemies, that do so right in front of you, leaving you little room or time to fight without getting hit.
-levels are designed in such a way to make you backtrack, and everytime you come back to a area you passed you get teleporting aliens.
-One area is almost unplayable because it requires your medic and torch soldier to be alive. The mod made no such statement when you first met them, and if you left your medic behind or if one of them got killed then you pretty much have to use the change map cheat... & do it all again.
-Cliche ending
-Bad English voice acting

Story is good, mod is good but voice actoring is really bad. I gave a rating like "6/10". Have a nice day.


BigSm0ke says

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I finished the mod. I enjoyed playing it and it didn't bored me any second. The storyline starts of good, so I was excited to retrieve the data from the laboratory anomalous materials. You really feel like your playing Corporal Daniel fletcheur. After playing Cry Of Fear for a while, I really wanted to visit Black Mesa again.

For a large part this mod is intended to play with your Alpha squad, which I really liked because in Opposing Force you are mostly on your own. The level design is good but not of a high quality and on the last part of the mod you can clearly see that some parts of the original Half-Life were used, but you can also notice that this was the intention from the mod developer(s). I have experienced quite some bugs in elevators that I was somehow stuck on the ground. But after trying 1 or 2 times, the problem was solved so I am not decreasing the rating for this mod for this bug. I also had the Node Graph out of date bug a couple of times but that wasn't very frustrating. But I came accros a very unpleasant bug...

In some part of the mod (almost at the end of it) I got a HUD message that I have to bring my teammates (Medic and Engineer) with me. So I went back to get them both. But when I got passed the blockade (which prevented me from switching to a new map) the Medic kept dying. I tried everything to save his ***. From using god mode to noclip, I couldn't get him alive when the map changed. He just felt down dead and then his body dissapeard. Because of that I had to load the next map which was mat2.bsp. Luckily it didn't ruin the game but I had to use impulse 101 to get my weapons, health and armor back. If nobody experienced this awfull bug but me, then please let me know, but I doubt that unfortunately...

I was very disappointed because the mod its self is really nice. There are also A LOT of enemies and monsters in this mod. It would have been nice if you took a couple of enemies away, in perhaps a little patch..:)

Level design is ok. Some levels are detailed other are rubbish. Entity mapping is horribile, even map transitions don't work properly.

It is a good mod but with some designing errors. I really like the story but some things need to be improved.


aizem says

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first of all, sorry the bad english
so this mod is bad... so bad that i cant even finish it
i mean its good for someone that want some challenge , but those grunts that shoot bees are the first ones that you encounter, and after some very bad voice acting you grab a shotgun , some granades and thats it.
low ammo, low suplies, low quality, low everything
at least is hard as sh*t, put your skills to another level
the level design is linear, theres zero exploration, just go to point a to point b shooting the hardest monsters from opposing force. it lack of some jumping skills and puzzles
but... still adrian shephard guy shooting bad guys, i already seen bad mods. but this one is... playable


liked the maps, didn't like how it crashes at every loading spot



kellyX says

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It wasn't really bad... but could've been better, I'll make a list of pro's and cons:


The level design was pretty good, the atmosphere was a lot like Half-Life.

It was VERY challenging, not as challenging as Opposing Force, but it was still challenging.

The last chapter was my favorite, you might just have to see for yourself. (it's the one when you get a big team of soldiers to go with you, rather than just a couple)

Fun combat, no further comment


English was bad, the talking was a bit slow and hard to understand.

There's a part of the game when you have to have your engineer with you, because if you forget to bring him... you'll be pretty angry.

Too many of the aliens were teleporting right in front of you, it's bad because you hardly have enough time to react without getting hurt, and they teleport in big numbers, making it much harder to fight, and because that's pretty much how every one of them comes. Teleporting aliens weren't used too much in Half-Life.

The game didn't start up very slow, your first weapon was a shotgun and you met some of the harder enemies a bit early in the game.

But... I still think it's worth a try.


Okay besides this mod having clunky level design and bad voice acting, it was pretty good. Nice to have a mod where you play as a HECU soldier again. :3

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