Movie Battles is a class-based, team-orientated Multiplayer Total Conversion for Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.

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Our latest, best balanced ever, build is now up for download at our website. Go there to fetch it right now or use the MBIIUpdater on our Downloads area here at ModDB.

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Our latest, best balanced ever, build is now up for download at our website. Go there to fetch it right now or use the MBIIUpdater on our Downloads area here at ModDB.



  • New Jedi Enclave.
  • New Star Destroyer.
  • New Yavin Assault.
  • Added back Korriban (without crashes).
  • Improved dotf fps.
  • Improved Jabba rebel respawns.
  • Remade Tantive.
  • Fixed Jedi Temple.
  • Small changes on Lunarbase
  • Tweaked Jedi Temple FA's Younglings and Padawans.
  • Tweaked CommTower FA's Dia Passik and Elite Stormtrooper.
  • New Cloud City duel map.
  • New Dantooine duel map.
  • New Dune Sea duel map.
  • New Invisible Hand duel map.
  • New Ravager duel map.
  • New RCbridge duel map.
  • New Revan duel map.
  • New Starforge duel map.
  • New Tusken duel map.

New FA Features:

  • Shotgun.
  • Concussion Rifle.
  • Silver Bladed Lightsaber.
  • SBD Laser Cannon.
  • Deadly Sight.
  • Force Drain.
  • Force Heal.
  • Armor Regeneration.
  • Thermal Rockets.
  • Dual pistol level 3.


  • Improved saber system.
  • Improved cg_hudfiles 1.
  • Improved FP drains.
  • Nerfed Seeing level 1 and improved level 3.
  • Improved Secondaries nade knockback.
  • Reduced the effect of extendo saber.
  • Nerfed blue stance if you don't have Attack 3.
  • Added Super Push (Pull 3 successfully, then Push 3 within 1 second using Melee, to boost the power of Push on the one target).
  • Added Speed Punching(boosts the speed and strenght of melee punches while Force Speed is active)
  • Added command to drop the siege item (check the controls menu).
  • Added Deka discharge shockwave.
  • Added Remote detonation for pulse rockets.
  • SBD and Wookiee are now able to slap and move at the same time.
  • Disabled Hud for spectators.
  • Hopefully fixed fs_handle error.
  • Allowed melee Jedi/Sith to use the same getup moves saberists can use.
  • Applied falling damage to players who get landed on by another player. (And knockdowns too.)
  • Prevented T-21 Primary/Blob/Concussion Rifle Secondary from
    knocking down players immediately after they've been Pushed or Pulled.
  • Stamina 3 buffed.
  • Fixed: Simply having your jetpack turned on does not turn falling damage off anymore. Slow down before landing!
  • ACM is now lost twice as fast as it's gained.
  • Fixed split-second vulnerability of Dexterity when starting a Sprint.
  • Small optimizations in Open mode's loading times.
  • Fix for cloaking device not always working when it should.
  • Fix for Disruptor users shooting themselves.
  • Added smoking effects for Flamethrower.
  • Fixed some issues with NPC turrets shooting friendly vehicles.
  • Fixed sniper scopes stopping the rendering of fog when zoomed in.
  • Fixed broken Blue DFA movecommand from trying to trigger a nonexistent move/animation.
  • EWeb accuracy tweaked.
  • Fix for Use Current Forcepower key draining FP with Force Heal, without actually healing.
  • Disabled NPC pain animations when punched. Properly, this time. (No more punching saber-wielding Younglings to death.)
  • Changed Push/Pull to modify jetpack users' current velocity
    vector, rather than overriding with a completely new velocity vector.
  • Added cg_disableChatSound. Mutes the 'beep' noise whenever someone chats.
  • Removed ability of server owners to meddle with the behavior of Dodge.
  • Deka ammo regeneration coupled with Firepower level now, not Shield level any longer.
  • Allowed jumping while using Force Speed, if using non-saber weapons.
  • HP drains during lightsaber duels re-introduced, when BP is below 40%.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when NPCs were Pulled.
  • Fixed modelscale modifiers not being applied to Push/Pull.
  • Wrist laser now fires accurately.
  • Added water splash effects
  • Added red colour-coding for TK-related obituaries.
  • Added option for brighter grenade glows.
  • Fixed an issue with sv_fps FPS affecting the damage rates of: Flamethrower, Lightning, Deadly Sight, and Drain.
  • Added immunity to Flamethrower if target is submerged in liquid.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented the Flamethrower from being fired when standing in ankle-deep liquid.
  • Corrected an aim issue and added a pre-firing delay on Force Destruction. Also gave it a damage bonus against vehicles.
  • Gave Tavion(Cyan) and Desann(Magenta) saberstyles their own special moves: DFA for Tavion, Lunge for Desann.
  • Fixed several issues with Damage Reduction being on when it wasn't supposed to be.
  • Re-allowed melee kata breaks by the initiator, without requiring the kata to be successful first.
  • Added a dynamic crosshair for the EE-3 that expands as the EE-3's accuracy decreases.
  • Added cg_drawCrosshairNamesFadeTime which controls how long
    players' names linger onscreen after the crosshair is no longer over
    top them.
  • Balanced Deflect
  • Servers must have the mbii.pk3 (even Linux servers) or players won't be able to join

w00t, dling

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