Hello to every one! I present you Mount and Blade: Imperialism. This is my first mod. It is a native-based mod. We travel to a future-time Calradia. The year is 1760 and Gunpowder has found good use into calradian hands.The descendant of the ancient bloodline and their factions are fighting for total domination on the continent of Calradia.

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Mod needs work but the potential it has is outstanding to stay the least. The work that has been done on it so far is good but need some more work.




is a good mod

From what I've seen, this mod is fantastic. However it hasn't been updated in some time to the best of my knowledge, and I experience a text big that makes the entire game completely unreadable. This may not be the case for windows users though. I had the issue while attempting to play the mod on my MacBook Pro 15"

If it works for you, then I highly recommend it!!


Lots of Potential,

P:S (To creator) Don't Kill the mod (not Update),The mod is pretty good,but please fix some major bugs.

I say the mod isnt perfect but its a good c+ with a bit more care, attention and polish it can be awesome.And it has huge potential.I say give it a chance.


shorun says

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one massive game breaking bug (muskets use bolts) other then that it works properly (-2) (fixed! +2)
some minor issues that make it look silly from time to time (-1)
eg: mercenary swordsman using a musket. (largely fixed)

i cant even play the damn mod! how can i write a good or bad review if i cant play the damn thing!

very unfinished but isee potential


MAJOR GLITCH!!!! None of my men are reloading and after they shoot they can only take 1 step at a time. I will change this review once this is fixed

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