This mod's idea is to bring Mortal Kombat Universe in a whole different way to Medieval Total War 2, implementing Total War mechanics to Mortal Kombat, and having huge battles instead of individual combats.

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What can you expect and what I have planned for this mod.

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First of all I'd like to comment that I'm working alone on this mod, tho if anyone thinks he/she could help me, contact me, maybe I could use some help.

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I kinda thought that most of the Mortal Kombat fanbase won't like this mod, which is comprensible because I just kinda changed the whole idea of MK in this mod, but still I thought it would be interesting to make this, or at least try it since no one has tried it before yet.

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I have been playing Total War and MK for a long time, and when I was playing MK Armageddon and Deception and I fought against Lin Kuei, visited the Realm of Order and saw the fights between Orderrealm and Chaosrealm, and the same goes for Outworld against Earthrealm or Lei Chen, I thought It would be cool to play the events from these Mortal Kombat games, not as a fighter, but as a faction leader in Medieval.

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So basically this is what I have planned for this mod:

- Huge Campaign map, (incluiding all the realms)

- Scripted events for the campaing (events from some of the MK games)

- Units from many MK games, (mostly Armageddon and Deception)

- Heros (Kombatants) for all factions, alone in custom battles and as generals in Campaign

- New custom UI

And that's pretty much what I expect to do for this mod, I would kinda like to hear any kind of suggestions and I hope you, even if you know nothing about MK or you're a fan, give a try to this mod because I think that this can be promising, and I hope you like the idea.



I advise you to quit this project. It's a waste of time, rewarded only by a few downloads and a couple of negative comments. Also Medieval II is an old game. Better explore life, make peace with jesus, make new friends. You only live once. It's a waste of time to put countless hours in a project just for 10 downloads and 1 mean review. Think about it. I tell you this out of love, bro. Invest your time in something wiser.

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If Kirukato554 wants to make a MK Total War mod, let the guy do it and don't be negative about it. If he has the passion which I think he does, it will never be time wasted since he is doing something he loves

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This looks great! I wish you the best of luck in making this!

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Kirukato554 Author

Thank you!

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