Monster or Creature Survival is a gamemode mod that adds two factions. Monsters and Survivors. As the monsters you start with some monster caves and train monsters by killing enemy units. (1 unit killed 1 monster point). As the Survivors you start with a survival camp with outposts and a ship train units by trading and buying with other resources with gold. Credits: All units aks slps and slp downloads

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All you need to know about the mod. AI Types. In-game faction choices.

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What you need to know about the mod


  • AI
  • Factions
  • Choices
  • Chests


AI Types

Balanced: This personality type favours mixed forces and an even handed style that doesn't emphasis defence over offence.
Rusher: Prepare to defend yourself quickly against this personality type. Which will immediately set out on the attack.
Turtle: You'll need to fight relentlessly to crack the shell of this defence-oriented personality type, Which focuses on resource gathering.
Guerilla: Expect the unexpected from this personality type, Which will harass you with fast and diversionary tactics.
Steamroller: This personality type favours decisive force. It aims to build an overwhelming army with which attack you head-on.
Searcher: This personality type excels at scouting. It aims to scout a large part of a map with light rare attacks.
Tactical: Be prepared for this personality type, Which will split an army in a few groups and attack from all sides.
Hunter: Be aware of this personality type, Which will scout and attack in groups but lacks defensive abilties.
Gatherer: This personality type focuses on resources and scouting but uses villagers to search for more resources but attacks rarely.

Starts with a small camp but you can only build units and build buildings by using wagons but need gold to train units but in order to get gold you need to trade with other players.

Starts with a group of monster caves but you can only build units but need to kill units for monster points which is used to train units and research upgrades.

Choices are upgrades that are free and quicky researched you can only choose one faction type Monster and survivors both has faction types So choose wisely.


Survivors choices

Trainer Flint
Pikeman +4 attack vs cavalry
Towers +1 range each upgrade
Archers and Cav Archers and Ships +2 Attack
UU: Scorpion (Same stats of a scorpion)
UT: Wood plating Siege units (Non Gunpowder) 1/1 Armour

Trainer Heat
Torchman do triple damage vs structures
Handcannoneers and Carriers built 20% faster
Towers fire 10% faster
UU: Fire Cart (A Light siege unit that shoots multiple fire arrows)
UT: Flame Arrows Fire Carts/Arrow units +4 attack vs buildings

Trainer Shield
Towers +20% HP
Infantry +1/1 Armour
Houses +5 Garrison
UU: Guardsman (A Medium swordsman with good armour)
UT: Hardshields Infantry 2/0 Armour

Trainer Rush
Wagons 20% built faster
Starts with 200+ gold
Trade carts move 25% faster
UU: Raider (light but fast and cheap infantry)
UT: Massing Raiders can be trained from huts and units train 10% faster

Trainer Ryder
Wagons and cavalry +20% HP
Projectiles move faster
Houses +4 LOS
UU: Iron Knight (Strong heavy cavalry)
UT: Saddles cavalry move 10% faster

Monster Choices

Aliens +20% HP
Starts with +10 Population
Monster Caves +5 More population
UU: Cystic Runner (Fast alien that spits poison)
UT: Outbreak Fast units train 40% faster

Cumauli have 2x Projectiles (25% speed boost from windstorms upgrade)
Wolves cost -1 monster point
Monster Caves +10% health & 1/1 Armour
UU: Cruelonimbus (Slower cloud that fires fireballs)
UT:Windstorms Cruelonimbi/Cumauli +2 Range

Dinosaurs move 20% faster
Skeletons cost -2 monster points
Monster Caves work 20% faster
UU: Carcharodontosaurus (All rounder but very good vs infantry)
UT: Hatcheries Dinosaurs increased 1/1 armour

Spiders & Wolves +20% HP
Creepers +0.25 blast radius per upgrade (+1 in total)
Skeletons & Icites +4 attack
UU: Taiga wolf (All Rounder)
UT: Projectile Protection Foot units +2 Pierce Armour

Giants units do +0.2 area damage
Monster Caves +5 Garrison slots
Creepers -1 monster points
UU: Shadow Bear (Medium health and attack)
UT: Giga Combat Giant units +4 attack

New Choices

New Survivors choices

Trainer Sly
Archers +4 melee armour
Infantry +4 pierce armour
Tanks/rams/carriers +2 carry capacity
UU: Ribauldquin (Organ gun)
UT: Outburst carriers Carriers/Spreadguns fire 20% faster

Trainer Haxe
Axemen (inc UU) +10% HP
Ballistas +2 attack vs cavalry
Houses +20% HP
UU: Throwing axeman (same as throwing axemen)
UT: Blade axes axes +2 attack UU +1 range

Trainer Gunner
Gunpowder Units +10% HP
Siege units 20% cost less
Tanks move 10% faster
UU: Sharpshooter (Light hand cannoneer very accurate)
UT: Elite Targeting Hand Gunners +1 range

Trainer Hunter
Archers/Skirmishers +20% fire faster
Starts +100f/100w
Wagons +10% faster
UU: Explorer (Light unit with huge LOS)
UT: Tracking infantry, explorers and wagons +2 LOS

Trainer Smasher
Carriers and rams +20% HP
Tank +20 Vs Buildings
Survival Tents +3/3 armour
UU: Maceman (Light-medium infantry good vs siege weapons and buildings)
UT: Sappers Infantry +4 attack vs buildings

Monster Choices

Spiders move 20% faster
Monster caves spawn Cave Crawlers
Centaurs -2 monster points
UU: Cave Crawler (Sturdier spider)
UT: Webbing Spiders +1/1 armour

Wolfs move 20% faster
Firecasters cost -1 monster point
Spiders +2 attack
UU: Troodon (hit and run dinosaur)
UT: Hunting Wolfs +2 LOS and 10% speed

Shadow units -2 monster points
Creeper +10% HP
Shadow riders +0.5 area damage
UU: Shadow Champion (Very dark infantry that deal area damage)
UT: Smog clouds Shadow units +20% HP

Iceites attacks 20% faster
Cumaulus -2 monster points
Creepers +2 LOS
UU: Frost cloud (Clouds resistant to arrows shoots ice)
UT: Icicles Iceites and Frost clouds +2 attack vs infantry

Zombies/Skeletons move +0.05 faster per upgrade
Giants -5 monster points
Creepers +100 vs buildings
UU: Zombie (Very weak unit but cheap and quickly trained)
UT: Wanderers Zombies and Skeletons +20% HP & +2 attack

Chests Types (9 of them)


  • Advanced chest: Spawns a stone onager.
  • Building chest: Spawns a torch tower.
  • Cost Chest: Reduces cost by 10%.
  • Gold Chest: Provides +500 Gold.
  • Health Chest: Provides 10% Hitpoints.
  • Heavy Chest: Spawns a legion with a long shield.
  • LOS Chest: Leaves a flag that reveals an area in a small radius.
  • Military Chest: Spawns a Composite Bowman.
  • Utility Chest: Spawns a trade cart.
  • Pirate chest: -100 gold but get a privateer
  • Dino Chest: Spawns a compsognathus
  • Defence Chest: Spawns an armoured tower
  • Scout Chest: Spawns a scout cavalry
  • Tech Chest: Spawns a double tank
  • Architect Chest: Buildings +10% HP +1/1 Armour and 3 Building Armour
  • Ancient chest: Spawns a Tesserekonteres
  • Food chest: Provides +500 Food
  • Guard Chest: Spawns a bombard wall
  • Gunpowder Chest: Spawns a Turtle Cannon
  • Naval Chest: Spawns a Heavy Galleon
  • Polar Chest: Spawns a polar bear
  • Raider Chest: Spawns a mounted torch thrower
  • Siege Chest: Spawns a Light Ram
  • Stone Chest: Provides +500 stone
  • Wood Chest: Provides +500 Wood
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