Modular Combat is a role-playing shooter based in the Half-Life universe. There are over 50 modules that can be upgraded at any level, in any combination. Modules give combatants amazing abilities such as flying, teleporting, spawning minions, and shooting flechettes or energy balls.

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This is a full list of all the changes we've made for Modular Combat v1.75 and v1.76 - combined. Enjoy!

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  • New gamemode: Team Deathmatch
  • Raised minimum experience gained from 0 to 1
  • Removed maps: dm_cloudcity, dm_tech
  • Added maps: dm_amplitude, dm_hydro, dm_cannon
  • Added two second spawn protection
  • Added Factions. Players choose to be either Aperture Science, Combine, or The Resistance
  • Players of the same faction now gain 5%...20% experience when fighting near each other
  • Combine gain 5...20% damage bonus when fighting near each other
  • Aperture Sciences gains 2...5 armor regeneration when near each other
  • The Resistance gains 2...5 health regeneration when near each other
  • Winning faction now gains 500 experience for winning.
  • Added 2fers: +50 bonus experience for getting 2 kills in a row.
  • Players will now share experience for kill monsters
  • Aperture Science now uses a vital testing apparatus as their melee weapon
  • New CVAR: mc_votes_per_map . Players will only be able to initiate X votes per map (default: 2).
  • New CVAR: pvm_max_antlionguards (default: 2)

Look and Feel

  • New CVAR: cl_earringing <1/0> ("ear ringing" effect when near explosions, defaults to 0 - off)
  • New CVAR: cl_showhints <1/0> (show gameplay hints while playing)
  • New CVAR: cl_showexpgained <0-3> (show experience and % of damage dealt in chat - 0 none, 1 talk area, 2 notify area, 3 center of screen)
  • New CVAR: cl_ally_icon_smoothing <1/0>
  • New CVAR: cl_allyicons_offset (default: 16)
  • Added more "death icons"
  • Added new spawning particle effects for players and monsters.
  • Added custom skins for the Pistol and the SMG1 for Resistance, Combine, and Aperture Science.
  • Combine Faction now uses the "Dark Gravity Gun" (looks only)
  • Players of your faction will now be shown by icon indicated in PVM and TDM.
  • Experience indicator flashes red when you're spreeing
  • Replaced module icons with new icon set by Aleixo Teixeira

AI / Monsters

  • New monster: Hunter
  • New monster: Zombine
  • New monster: Rollerbombs (red skin version of the Rollermine - will explode on contact).
  • Antlion Guard: Improved movement and pathfinding
  • Antlion Guard: Raised health to 1000 + 100 per level
  • Antlion Guard: Will now bleed profusely when low on health
  • Antlion Guard: Increased experience bonus to 10 times normal amount
  • Antlion Worker: Lowered health at higher levels
  • Antlion Worker: Reverted to Episode Two model
  • Fast Headcrab: Lowered attack damage by 3 per level
  • Headcrabs (all types): Will now be squished if a player jumps on them. Player will bounce. 15 Aux Power is gained.
  • Man Hack: Moves faster at higher levels - now is a formidable opponent.
  • Vortigaunt: Reduced attack damage by 60%
  • Vortigaunt: CVAR "mc_vortigaunt_zap_spread " increases the cone the Vortiguant will use for targetting


  • New module: Minion Man Hack. Spawns 2 at a time (maximum 6). Does not count towards minion limit.
  • New module: Minion Antlion Worker
  • New module: Armor Capacity. Passive. Increase the amount of armor you have.
  • New module: Clip Size. Passive. Increase the amount of bullets each clip can hold.
  • New module: Running Man. Passive. Increase your sprinting speed. Increased sprinting speed drains aux power faster.
  • New module: Aux Power Tank. Increase the size of your aux power tank.
  • New module: Armor Regen. Passive. Regenerate your armor.
  • New module: Turrets. Active. Spawn up to 2 turrets. Turrets cannot be knocked over, but can be moved by owner's gravity gun.
  • New module: Poison Spit. Active.
  • New module: Weaken. Active. Target player cannot sprint and deals 50...150% less damage for 1...10 seconds.
  • New module: Brute Force. Passive. Increase the amount of damage your melee weapon does. Increased all damage dealt by 5% for 7...15 for each kill.
  • Cloak: Will no longer show your ID tag or voice icon while cloaked
  • Cloak: Will now decloak if any active or indrect damage is dealt (players can no longer Plague and then Cloak)
  • Mag Mine: No longer affects spawn protected players
  • Mag Mine: Lowered health to 23...50
  • Lasers: Only live for 2 minutes before fading away.
  • Mind Absorb: Now activates randomly (previous activated every 10 seconds from spawn).
  • MIRV: Now detonates on impact.
  • HEALD: Can now easily be cast on friendly players.
  • Critical Hits: Now only players a sound when a crit hits a enemy.
  • Vitality: Now only affects health (previously affected max armor)
  • Strength: Renamed to Impact - now only affects ranged weapons

Development / Debugging

  • Mounted content from Half-Life 2: Episode Two
  • New system: "Multiple Texture Support" - this system handles multiple textures for the same model.
  • New CMD: mc_dev_createnpc (requires sv_cheats 1)
  • New CMD: listmodules (will list the name of every module available to the player)
  • New CVAR: mc_dev_show_damage <1/0> (requires sv_cheats 1)
  • New CVAR: mc_dev_spawnmonsterlevel (requires sv_cheats 1)
  • New CVAR: hud_showtargetid <1/0> (disable Modular Combat's custom ID system)
  • New CVAR: mc_dev_force_ally_count (requires sv_cheats 1)
  • New CVAR: mc_dev_turret_balancing (requires sv_cheats 1)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed various server and client crashes
  • Freeze Bomb: No longer indefinitely freezes players
  • Plague: Will be removed from all targets when player changes characters
  • Added more teleport blockers to dm_swamplight
  • Minions are now removed when owner disconnects
  • All monsters will no longer consider the world an enemy.
  • Rollermines are now remove when switching gamemodes

Oh yeah!

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Wasn't there already a Team Deathmatch option?
What is this? A lot of the things in the changelog have already been implemented.

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"This is a full list of all the changes we've made for Modular Combat v1.75 and v1.76 - combined."

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That really is pointless.

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No, the comment you just made is pointless and rude.

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Yeah what Dragon said :P

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