Modular Combat is a role-playing shooter based in the Half-Life universe. There are over 50 modules that can be upgraded at any level, in any combination. Modules give combatants amazing abilities such as flying, teleporting, spawning minions, and shooting flechettes or energy balls.

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Modular combat is pure AWSOME
RPG/FPS are awsome and MC is the best at it


Great game!
Gets a bit boring before you unlock any of the "cool" upgrades


Great mod Gets better on next update


Omfg this is so awsome i cant wait for the 1.0.6 download link


awesome i love it


First off let me start by saying, this is not a bad game. Modular Combat incoprates a good range of npcs and upgradeable skills all within a decent amount of maps. Whilst the gui may be lacking and the leveling up can be long and get boring fast, the concepts of modulars and fps/rpg system is there. However this game gets boring on singleplayer after about 10 minutes of gameplay, and about 30 minutes on multiplayer.
There isn't a lot of fun with multiplayer either, to even start to get all the amazing abilties seen in the trailer and description you need to level up multiple times. If there was one thing that would have kept me with the game, it was if the logging in was linked with every server or something similair.

So my final review is 7. This is mainly based on the concepts and functionailty of the game. I was aiming for a 6.5 however seeing as I couldn't give it, 7.

Great Multiplayer Experience

Ah yes! This mod was, to my surprise, a very fun experience when I first tried it back in 2008. Even if it was it's own mod it still is a very insane one to try out. The game is an MMO/RPG/FPS-hybrid, so with that said there is nothing at all like Modular Combat! Download it here or on steam, and just give it a go with friends! You will not be disappointed!

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Modular combat is pure AWSOME
RPG/FPS are awsome and MC is the best at it

Dec 1 2010 by woot835