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Features : 29.11.2012

Killstreaks :

UAV = 3 Kills / original
Airstrike = 5 Kill / = / Finish
Dogs = 7 Kills / original
Juggernaut = 10 Kills /
Ac130 = 14 Kills /
Final Nuke = 25 Kills /

Preview Airstrike

80 Levelsystem = / Finish

All Specialtysymbols / finished

Map- and Gametype vote system / finished

Dynamic Weather System (changed the weather at gameplay) / finished

Weapons from CoD Black Ops in the mod are :

RIFLES - iron sight - silencer - elbit - acog
AK47 - = / Finish
COMMANDO - = / Finish
FNFAL - = / Finish
M14 - = / Finish
ENFIELD - = / Finish
GALIL - = / Finish
STEYR AUG - = / Finish
M16 - = / Finish
FAMAS - = / Finish

RIFLES - ironsight - acog - scope
G11 - = / Finish

SUBMACHINE GUNS - ironsight - silencer - elbit - acog
KIPARIS - = / Finish
MPL - = / Finish
SPECTRE - = / Finish
MP5 - = / Finish
UZI - = / Finish

SUBMACHINE GUNS - ironsight - silencer - elbit
MAC11 - = / Finish

SUBMACHINE GUNS - iron sight - silencer
SKORPION - = / Finish

SUBMACHINE GUNS - iron sight
PM63 - = / Finish

MACHINE GUNS - iron sight - elbit - acog
HK21 - = / Finish
RPK - = / Finish
STONER - = / Finish

SHOTGUNS - iron sight - silencer
SPAS - = / Finish

SHOTGUNS - iron sight
HS10 - = / Finish
ITHACA - = / Finish
KS23 - = / Finish

SNIPERS - scope only
PSG1 - = / Finish
WA2000 - = / Finish
L96a1 - = / Finish
DRAGUNOV - = / Finish

PISTOLS - iron sight - silencer
Colt1911 - = / Finish
MAKAROV - = / Finish

PISTOLS - iron sight
ASP - CZ75 = / Finish (this weaponfile in the package is set to full auto)


Stuka - = / Finish
Rus airplane il2 = / Finish
P51 mustang = / Finish
Jap airplane zero2 = / Finish
Usa aircraft b17 = / Finish

Preview Airplane

Faction Logo:

Black Ops - = / Finish

Behind Enemy Lines
Capture and Hold
Capture the Flag
Free for All
Freeze Tag
Gun Game
Hide And Seek
Last Man Standing
Last Team Standing
One In The Chamber
Search and Destroy
Sharp Shooter
Team Deathmatch
Team Greed

New Gametypes

Kill C style="color: #00ff00;"> Finish
Demolition = / Finish
AoN = / Finish
Sab2 = /
Infected = /
Team Defender = / Finish

Credits to :


Thanks For Tito ripping weapon Bo
Thanks HolyMoly For Gametypes

Name oh the mod mp_waw_ops

The config will be available when the final version

Minimum system hardware:



Graphics Engine modification:

In version 3.0, the graphics engine of the game Call of Duty 4 Modified!

Therefore, it may happen that your game crashes from time to time.

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Codutility WaW Ops V2

Codutility WaW Ops V2

Full Version 5 comments

Codutility-france is a mod with the weapons and the sounds Black Ops for call of duty world at war , fix gametype gg and sharpshooter

Codutility WaW Ops

Codutility WaW Ops

Full Version 2 comments

Codutility-france is a mod with the weapons and the sounds Black Ops for call of duty world at war


how should i spawn the bots ? in not dedicated server .

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wheres the download link ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

IST DER noch in arbeit ???

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


cooler mod danke haben den schon seit monaten und macht immer wieder fun hat noch viele bugs aber egall server ip ( [EGC] BLACK OPS)

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does it have PezBOT in it ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

looks cool

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