This mod intends to add various weapons from all around the globe to Misery mod, weapons of every stalker's dream. Suggestions, Feedbacks and points of view are very welcomed ! Have fun with these new toys !

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May 17 2016 Anchor

Post your requests here, we'll do our best to deliver whatever we can.

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May 17 2016 Anchor

Usas12,vepr12,ks23 (short variant)

Luger P08,lebedev pl-14

tide(vintorez)- add a tourniquet to the stock...

SV-99,SV-338,M110 SASS


Kriss Vector

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May 18 2016 This post has been deleted.
May 18 2016 Anchor

AK-12, Mark I trench knife, Winchester M1897, Winchester M1894, HSG-1(Killing Floor), MSG90, HK417, MP5SD, SIG Sauer P250, OTs-12, FG42, DSR-1/DSR-50, Beowulf M4, A-91, Bastard(metro), and a sledgehammer for smashing ban.... mutants!

It might be longer than what I requested before since more weapons popped into my mind. And since I'm here I'll mention the 12.7x54mm STs-130PT2.

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May 20 2016 Anchor

Can you guys try to add the Barrett M98B into the game? It's a rifle I've been looking forward to for a long time but never seemed to show up :(. I remember seeing a really good model somewhere online that could be used with the normal game...

Thanks in advance!

May 20 2016 Anchor

I asked them about the M98B before and they said that it will be a matter of time before it appears here. And I forgot to mention the M110 in my list of requests (AA2 has a model).

May 21 2016 Anchor

Moset of the mentioned requests are either available or done, some are possible to add, but other aren't, it is either due to animations, engine limitations, or just the logic behind adding them, I have come across many of them names mentioned above, so it is just a matter of time until they are available, I can't name each weapon, but rest assured that all of you will have a chance to fire at least one of the requested weapons :D M98B, MP5SD, KS23, these are available and ready to implement :)

May 21 2016 Anchor

Will the long KS-23 be included?

May 23 2016 Anchor

12.7x54mm sniper ammo is already done, increased accuracy rounds are however bit pointless in game since they make difference when shooting on ranges longer than 600m, there are no such distances in game (sadly).

Long KS23 - depends whether we find the model or not. Short KS-23 is already in STALKER mods so it will be 10min work to implement.

Jun 3 2016 Anchor

xm 010 .300 or .338 lapua please im dying for shoot this in the z>


xm 2010 .300 or .338 lapua please im dying for shoot this in the z>

Jun 9 2016 Anchor

i've updated my list hope u take a look!!

Jun 19 2016 Anchor

The VPR-308 is rather rare, I don't remember seeing one except from CS:GO, so I'm not sure if we can have it.

M110 SASS, this might be added, I believe I have one around.

Saiga MK-107, I'm not quite sure if I have or if I came across one, I'll keep an eye though.

Vityaz was added, in two variants too.

Kriss Vector require new animations, a good model is available too.

As for the AKs, I believe there are many of them around, and most probably some of what you asked about, time will tell for sure :)

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